The Best Spring & Summer Decor at Ikea

Mar 13, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. ET
Ikea spring items 2018 in shopping bags
Image: Ikea

Ikea knows exactly what we all want in our homes this spring: It involves color and lots of it.

This year calls for stepping outside your home decor comfort zone. Want to pair black and white stripes with a solid hot-pink pillow? Go for it! Want to mix prints and textures in your living room? Don't be scared. Or how about putting up bold yellow and hot-pink shelving units in your office? Grab your hammer and get them up there.

And this home decor trend of mixing new neutrals, like gray and cream and black, with plenty of colorful decor isn't even a new one.

"1970s brights are seeing a resurgence," says Mats Nilsson, creative leader of range and design at Ikea. "Bright colors work best with fresh, blond woods, crisp white or graphic black, and bold patterns of various sizes will complement this look. If you only change one thing, start with a cushion cover. Or three."

So, whether you want to experiment with color-blocking or mix-and-match geographic patterns or start small with a multicolor rug to give your living room a pop of color, Ikea has plenty of items to help bring your home ideas to life this spring. (And we may or may not have dropped most, if not all, of these items into our online shopping basket. Oops.)

1 /18: Multicolor Rugs

Ikea multicolored Brönden rug
Image: Ikea

1/18 :Multicolor Rugs

2 /18: Light 'Em Up, Up, Up

Ikea Sjöpenna pendant lamp
Image: Ikea

2/18 :Light 'Em Up, Up, Up

3 /18: Pretty in Pink

Ikea Generöst  vase pink
Image: Ikea

3/18 :Pretty in Pink

4 /18: Hang 'Em High

Ikea Sommar 2018 black plant pot hanger
Image: Ikea

4/18 :Hang 'Em High

5 /18: Get Organized

Ikea Skådis pegboard combination organization board
Image: Ikea

5/18 :Get Organized

6 /18: Stripes on Stripes

Ikea black & white striped Pipig placemat
Image: Ikea

6/18 :Stripes on Stripes

7 /18: Easter-Ready Tablecloth

Ikea Sommar  2018 tablecloth gray, pink, yellow, blue
Image: Ikea

7/18 :Easter-Ready Tablecloth

8 /18: Black-&-White Throws

black & white Skäggört  Ikea cushions
Image: Ikea

8/18 :Black-&-White Throws

9 /18: Millennial Pink Throw

Ingabritta pink Ikea throw
Image: Ikea

9/18 :Millennial Pink Throw

10 /18: Funky Bowls

Ikea Stockholm bowl
Image: Ikea

10/18 :Funky Bowls

11 /18: Gen Z Yellow

Ikea yellow Stolpa clock
Image: Ikea

11/18 :Gen Z Yellow

12 /18: Go Gray

Ikea geometric gray Livslång  vase
Image: Ikea

12/18 :Go Gray

13 /18: Geometric Wall Art

Ikea geometric wall art Tvilling poster
Image: Ikea

13/18 :Geometric Wall Art

14 /18: Mixing Colors & Prints

Ikea colorful Nedja fabric
Image: Ikea

14/18 :Mixing Colors & Prints

15 /18: Turquoise Tea Lights

Turquoise Sommar  2018 lantern tea lights
Image: Ikea

15/18 :Turquoise Tea Lights

16 /18: Keep It Neutral

Ikea Ivar shelving unit neutral wood
Image: Ikea

16/18 :Keep It Neutral

17 /18: Color-Blocking With Lockers

Ikea Lixhult cabinet green, white, blue, pink
Image: Ikea

17/18 :Color-Blocking With Lockers

18 /18: Pendant Lamp

Solvinden pendant lamp
Image: Ikea

18/18 :Pendant Lamp