10 Quick Ways to Give Every Room a Spring Makeover

by Justina Huddleston
Mar 6, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Spring is here, and when we're not busy cleaning the house from top to bottom, we're scratching our heads trying to figure out how we can take our cozy winter abode into sunny springtime. But let's face it — not all of us have the budget for a full home renovation every time the seasons change.

Luckily, there are some easy ways you can transform each and every room in your home to usher in warmer weather. Organizing and cleaning your space is the first step, of course, but adding in some bright new accent pieces can go a long way too. You don't need to buy a whole new living room set to get the vibe you want — a few new cheerful throw pillows can set the mood just as well.

You can see our guide to giving your home an easy spring makeover below. Use it to work within your personal style and budget to make your home a space you love. You don't necessarily have to buy anything new, either — often, there are decor items stashed away in our home just waiting to be brought into the spotlight.

1 /10: Office

1/10 :Office

Clear your mind and your office of clutter by investing in some new organizing tools that make your space more efficient while still looking chic. You'll feel ready to tackle anything.

Plaid file folders — Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, $6 at Target

2 /10: Dining Room

2/10 :Dining Room

In the dining room, new placemats and a festive spring centerpiece can change a room almost instantly. Even just a pot of tulips or daffodils in the center of the table can brighten up the room.

Brown solid placemat, $4 at Target

3 /10: Kitchen

3/10 :Kitchen

The kitchen might not be the first room you think of when considering a spring makeover. But swapping out your dish towels for something a little brighter can make a big impact. It's also a good time to tackle the exterior of your fridge, taking down any flyers, coupons or pictures that have been hanging up for too long.

Sola dish towel, $14 at Anthropologie

4 /10: Living Room

4/10 :Living Room

Rearrange your coffee table and end table displays to feature knickknacks and books with bright, colorful designs. Some new throw pillows on the couch can liven up your decor too.

Accent pillow in dandelion gold, $22 at Living Spaces

5 /10: Closet

5/10 :Closet

Reorganize your closet so your heavy, bulky winter clothes are behind your lighter spring fashions. Since spring is when we tend to start wearing more color, organizing your closet by color is a fun and practical solution too. Add a few scent sachets and you're ready to embrace the new season.

6 /10: Bedroom

6/10 :Bedroom

It's easy to make over your bedroom in the spring. Swap out your heavy blankets and flannel sheets for light and breezy cotton versions. A new duvet cover and some bright pillows complete the look.

Strandkrypa duvet cover, $30 at Ikea

7 /10: Mud Room/Entryway

7/10 :Mud Room/Entryway

It tends to get muddy in the spring, and as the weather warms, you'll be spending more time outside. Stop the dirt from making it into the house by putting down a fun but functional doormat, and consider keeping a shoe organizer next to the door so everyone can remove their footwear when they get home.

Tag Cruiser Coir doormat, $30 at Hayneedle

8 /10: Bathroom

8/10 :Bathroom

A new shower curtain can instantly transform your space. Opt for something in a light and cheery color. 

Glass door shower? Try changing up your bath mat and towels. Adding a small houseplant to the counter can also make you excited for the changing season.

Watercolor rainbow shower curtain, $59 at PB Teen

9 /10: Powder Room

9/10 :Powder Room

Powder rooms are one of the most fun places to play with bold decor. Since they're small, they can be hard to decorate — that's where wallpaper comes in. Create a bold accent wall, and you'll find yourself abandoning your en suite in favor of this room. You can even use removable wallpaper tiles so you can swap them for a new style when it starts getting cold again in the fall.

Sketchbook floral wallpaper tiles, $54 at Hygge & West

10 /10: Kids Bedroom

10/10 :Kids Bedroom

Kids will be playing outside more once the weather gets warmer, so putting down a colorful rug to capture any dirt that comes into the home is a good idea. Also consider swapping out the curtains for something lighter and brighter to let the sunshine in and remind the kids they should be playing outside, not cooped up indoors.

Triangles shag area rug, $57 at Target