Chic St. Patrick's Day Decor That Isn't All Shamrocks & Leprechauns

Mar 3, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. ET
Source and Tradition Glass Crackle Platter St. Patrick's Day Decor
Image: Etsy/Terrain/Design: Kenzie Mastroe/SheKnows

St. Patrick's Day is one of our favorite holidays of the year. Halfway between winter and spring, it's a reminder that warm weather is in fact on its way. It's also a fun way to break up the boring stretch between New Year's and the summer holidays, a welcome excuse to throw a celebration.

But most of the St. Patrick's Day decor you find in stores is a little too kitschy. I mean, I love mischievous little leprechauns and bright-green shamrocks as much as the next gal, but it's nice to opt for decor that you can use more than one day out of the year.

In this roundup, we opted for lovely home decor items in shades of green, gold and rainbow. They're still in the spirit of the holiday, but you'll get a lot more use out of them than you would a novelty decoration.

Whether you're throwing a huge rager or whipping up some colcannon for a cozy feast by the fire, these St. Patrick's Day home decor items will liven up your home.

1 /12: Ikea Stockholm Bowl

1/12 :Ikea Stockholm Bowl

2 /12: Rainbow Clubhouse Needlepoint Pillow

2/12 :Rainbow Clubhouse Needlepoint Pillow

3 /12: Threshold Nonsolid Heathered Woven Throw

3/12 :Threshold Nonsolid Heathered Woven Throw

4 /12: Beatrice Cutout Hanging Planter

4/12 :Beatrice Cutout Hanging Planter

5 /12: West Elm Boxwood Round Trees

5/12 :West Elm Boxwood Round Trees

6 /12: Sequined Teardrop Pillow Covers

6/12 :Sequined Teardrop Pillow Covers

7 /12: Moonglow Cocktail Shaker

7/12 :Moonglow Cocktail Shaker

8 /12: Celtic Knot Wall Art

8/12 :Celtic Knot Wall Art

9 /12: Fredericks and Mae Rainbow Playing Cards

9/12 :Fredericks and Mae Rainbow Playing Cards

10 /12: Source and Tradition Glass Crackle Platter

10/12 :Source and Tradition Glass Crackle Platter

11 /12: Ikea Elly Dish Towels

11/12 :Ikea Elly Dish Towels

12 /12: Glass Jug Vase From Hearth & Hand With Magnolia

12/12 :Glass Jug Vase From Hearth & Hand With Magnolia