The Best Magnolia Spring Collection Items for Under $50

by Kristine Cannon
Feb 1, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. ET

When Fixer Upper’s Chip & Joanna Gaines release a home decor collection in collaboration with Magnolia at Target, you go to Target, and you buy that collection.

Hearth & Hand, the Gaines’ home and lifestyle brand, is a rustic-chic dream come true. Each piece feels somehow nostalgic and modern, simple and expensive. Not only that, they thought of everything you could possibly need in your home, including staples and calendars and even power strips.

The best part? Most items are less than $50.

So before you bolt to your nearest Target and clear the shelves, let us help you whittle down your list, presenting you some of our favorite items — from an acacia wood serving bowl and statement candles to the super-functional and useful boot scraper. (How did we ever get through winter without it?)

Oh, and who could leave off the triangle dinner bell?! Gah, Joanna and Chip, you know us so well.

1 /16: Ceramic Candle

1/16 :Ceramic Candle

Ceramic candle, $15 at Target

2 /16: Lidded Jar Candle

2/16 :Lidded Jar Candle

Lidded jar candle, juniper water & aloe scent, $13 at Target

3 /16: Acacia Wood Serving Bowl

3/16 :Acacia Wood Serving Bowl

Acacia wood serving bowl, $35 at Target

4 /16: Glass & Terra-Cotta Cloche

4/16 :Glass & Terra-Cotta Cloche

Glass and terra-cotta cloche, $20 at Target

5 /16: House Door Stopper

5/16 :House Door Stopper

House door stopper, $13.50 at Target

6 /16: Flat Rattan Wall Art

6/16 :Flat Rattan Wall Art

Flat rattan wall art, $25 at Target

7 /16: Terra-Cotta & Wood House Plant Stand

7/16 :Terra-Cotta & Wood House Plant Stand

Terra-cotta and wood house plant stand, $25 at Target

8 /16: Triangle Dinner Bell

8/16 :Triangle Dinner Bell

Triangle dinner bell, $25 at Target

9 /16: Poplar Storage Bin

9/16 :Poplar Storage Bin

Poplar storage bin, $25 at Target

10 /16: Stoneware Square Terra-Cotta Planter

10/16 :Stoneware Square Terra-Cotta Planter

Stoneware square terra-cotta planter, $13 at Target

11 /16: Umbrella Stand

11/16 :Umbrella Stand

Umbrella stand, $30 at Target

12 /16: Stoneware Pitcher

12/16 :Stoneware Pitcher

Stoneware pitcher, $21 at Target

13 /16: Round Wood Clock

13/16 :Round Wood Clock

Round wood clock, $30 at Target

14 /16: Dyed Yarn Apron

14/16 :Dyed Yarn Apron

Dyed yarn apron, $16 at Target

15 /16: Stoneware Catchall

15/16 :Stoneware Catchall

Stoneware catchall “You Were Made for This,” $9 at Target

16 /16: Boot Scraper

16/16 :Boot Scraper

Boot scraper, $35 at Target