5 Easy, Genius Ways to Freshen Up Your Walls

Jan 11, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. ET
Genius Ways To Freshen Up Your Walls | Transform your home without a huge time (or money) commitment.
Image: Coco Lapine Design

New year, new home decor, right? (Or maybe that’s just our motto). It seems that whenever the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1, we’re suddenly ready to overhaul everything from our bodies and our wardrobes to our homes. When you’re looking to make a major change to your space, refreshing your walls can be a fairly simple yet bold way to accomplish that.

Of course, you can slap on a fresh layer of paint in a fun shade, but that’s not your only option. Think bold wallpaper, wood paneling, textured walls and gallery walls. All these options can bring an entirely new feel to a room without knocking down walls or doing other big (and pricey) renovations.


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1 /15: Fresh Wallpaper

1/15 :Fresh Wallpaper

2 /15: Fresh Wallpaper

2/15 :Fresh Wallpaper

3 /15: Fresh Wallpaper

3/15 :Fresh Wallpaper

4 /15: Wood Paneling

4/15 :Wood Paneling

5 /15: Wood Paneling

5/15 :Wood Paneling

6 /15: Wood Paneling

6/15 :Wood Paneling

7 /15: Wash of Paint

7/15 :Wash of Paint

8 /15: Wash of Paint

8/15 :Wash of Paint

9 /15: Wash of Paint

9/15 :Wash of Paint

10 /15: Textured Walls

10/15 :Textured Walls

11 /15: Textured Walls

11/15 :Textured Walls

12 /15: Textured Walls

12/15 :Textured Walls

13 /15: Gallery Wall

13/15 :Gallery Wall

14 /15: Gallery Wall

14/15 :Gallery Wall

15 /15: Gallery Wall

15/15 :Gallery Wall