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16 Ways to Create a Reading Nook That’s So Cozy, You’ll Wish for Cold Weather

When it comes to winter, there’s pretty much nothing — except maybe cozy sweaters and peppermint bark — that gets me more excited about the season than the idea of having an acceptable excuse to stay in and hunker down, preferably under a really soft blanket with a really good book. FOMO? More like FOGO (fear of going out). I know; I’m super-cool.

If you’re a bookworm like me or you just want your home to be more conducive to cuddling, click and learn from the 16 spaces and products ahead.

A hint? Soft, fuzzy, furry fabrics go a long way toward making you feel like a regular living room or den is a place you actually want to lounge for hours. Oh, and plants and candles also add tons of atmosphere (just turn on the light when you actually read).


Originally posted on StyleCaster

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