10 Holiday Decor Items That Work All Year

by Julie Sprankles
Dec 12, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. ET

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts of the holiday season is the proverbial decking of the halls. Ritualistic by nature, it’s a time-honored tradition that begs to be enjoyed with a cup of eggnog as carols blare in the background.

Yet the entire festive affair is bittersweet too. Knowing that — after pulling out each piece of decor and remembering just how much you love it — you’ll be tucking everything back in the attic in mere weeks.

But, wait… who made up that rule anyway? If you play your cards right, you don’t have to strain your back hauling that big bin of holiday decor in and out of storage. Rather, you’ll have a home filled with lovely holiday decor items that work all year.

With a bit of creativity (and stretching of your holiday spirit), the following pieces can easily be repurposed to suit every season or special occasion.

1 /10: String lights

1/10 :String lights

String lights can be used for everything from making a twinkly headboard to filling a Mason jar centerpiece. 

2 /10: Cheers banners

2/10 :Cheers banners

This sparkly gold "cheers" holiday banner would look fantastic over a bar cart. 

3 /10: Hurricane glass

3/10 :Hurricane glass

After the holidays, swap out the inside with something more versatile, like driftwood

4 /10: Wrapping paper

4/10 :Wrapping paper

Repurpose leftover gift wrapping tubes to make a beautiful, eco-friendly wreath

5 /10: Burlap swaths

5/10 :Burlap swaths

Don't let that burlap go to waste! Upcycle it into a nonseasonal wreath or other farmhouse-chic decor. 

6 /10: Pom-pom garlands

6/10 :Pom-pom garlands

Pom-pom garlands in plucky colors play well in spaces for children, like this cheery nursery

7 /10: White candles

7/10 :White candles

White candles look wintery and magical during the holidays and can easily be re-accessorized for other seasons.

8 /10: Black & white buffalo check

8/10 :Black & white buffalo check

Accessories in black and white buffalo check lend modern farmhouse flair any time of year. 

9 /10: Tree topper

9/10 :Tree topper

Choose your tree topper wisely and it can pull double duty the rest of the year as a table centerpiece

10 /10: Decorative branches

10/10 :Decorative branches

Decorative branches aren't just good for sparkles and ornaments — you can hang anything from them!