PSA: Walmart Sells Really Fancy Furniture

by Julie Sprankles
Dec 1, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. ET

The next time you head to Walmart to pick up that 20-pack of Top Ramen (no judgment, just sayin’), look around. Times, they are a-changing, my friends, and one of those changes is the sheer variety of home decor you can now pick up at this iconic discount box store.

Once the kind of place you’d expect to find little more than campfire chairs in the way of furniture, Walmart has really stepped up their game in recent years. They’ve even teamed up with popular interior design television personalities like the fun, funky Novogratz family to create collections that are upscale and fun, yet still affordable. With materials ranging from linen to velvet and styles running the gamut from farmhouse to modern, everyone can score something with highbrow style that matches their own.

So prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor as you peruse some of the retailer’s furniture that is, to be frank, fancy AF.

1 /15: Linen chaise

1/15 :Linen chaise

Aphrodite tufted linen modern chaise lounger, $423 at Walmart

2 /15: Gold loop side table

2/15 :Gold loop side table

InnerSpace loop side table in gold, $84 at Walmart

3 /15: Tufted velvet ottoman

3/15 :Tufted velvet ottoman

Novogratz vintage tufted rectangular ottoman, $169 at Walmart

4 /15: Mirrored entryway console

4/15 :Mirrored entryway console

Southern Enterprise Illusions Collection mirrored entryway console, $301 at Walmart

5 /15: Mid-century modern armchair

5/15 :Mid-century modern armchair

Dolce armchair in magnetic pink, $325 at Walmart

6 /15: Rush grass ottoman

6/15 :Rush grass ottoman

Rush grass coffee table/ottoman, $109 at Walmart

7 /15: Rustic industrial coffee table

7/15 :Rustic industrial coffee table

Better Homes and Gardens rustic country coffee table, $110 at Walmart

8 /15: Sunburst mirror

8/15 :Sunburst mirror

Safavieh Provence sunburst mirror, $95 at Walmart

9 /15: Storage pantry

9/15 :Storage pantry

Better Homes and Garden Langley Bay storage cabinet, $189 at Walmart

10 /15: Spindle table

10/15 :Spindle table

Convenience Concepts Palm Beach no-tools spindle table, $34 at Walmart

11 /15: Vintage tufted velvet sofa

11/15 :Vintage tufted velvet sofa

Novogratz vintage tufted sofa sleeper, $299 at Walmart

12 /15: Vintage ogee-inlay desk

12/15 :Vintage ogee-inlay desk

Helena driftwood-style vintage ogee-inlay distressed mirror, $131 at Walmart

13 /15: Roundabout dining table

13/15 :Roundabout dining table

Novogratz roundabout dining table, $160 at Walmart

14 /15: Weathered wood bed

14/15 :Weathered wood bed

Better Homes and Gardens Crossmill queen bed in weathered finish, $375 at Walmart

15 /15: Vintage tufted chaise

15/15 :Vintage tufted chaise

Novogratz vintage tufted velvet chaise, $179 at Walmart