8 Printable Holiday Place Cards to Relieve All Your Entertaining Stress

I grew up hearing my mom and aunts complain about how much work hosting a holiday dinner can be, but it really never sank in. Of course, that all changed last year when I found myself 2,500 miles from home hosting my first Thanksgiving dinner. It was a crash course in entertaining. There was a lot of blood (literally — I almost lost a finger and had to get stitches), sweat, tears, a few mini meltdowns and a whole lot of stress. It all turned out OK in the end, but it was way more work than I anticipated, and I now have a whole new appreciation for all those holiday dinners my mom seemed to pull off effortlessly.

One of the things I quickly learned is that it’s OK to cut corners to save yourself time and a little stress. You don’t have to hand stamp your napkins or create your own floral arrangements for the table in order to impress guests. They’re there for the food and company and everything else is just a fun addition to your party — not something to get all worked up over. So to help you stress a little less this year, we’ve made some gorgeous place cards that you can print, fill out and use to add a little elegance and color to your holiday table. We’ve added names to our examples (so you can see how amazing they will look when filled out), but the download link you click on will print out a blank place card so you can fold them on the line and fill them in with your loved ones’ names.