16 Trendy Home Items if Farmhouse Isn’t Your Style

Nov 10, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. ET
Image: Getty Images

People may be freaking out over the new Hearth & Home line from Fixer Upper's Gaines family, but not all of us are swooning over the shiplap, distressed wood and rustic fabric elements that make up the farmhouse style. It's everywhere these days, and because of its ubiquity, it can make finding modern, trendy home items a lot more difficult. But if you look hard enough, you can definitely find some new items to spruce up your home.

I'm currently obsessed with dark florals, semiprecious agate accents and unique area rugs that make a big impact, doing a lot of the decorating work for me. Hey, all shortcuts are welcome! And I don't know why anyone would settle for a boring farmhouse jug or repurposed feed sack throw pillow when there are merman snow globes and pink faux-fur blankets they could be using to accent their decor instead. These items, from whimsical to elegant, will help give your home the modern, trendy look you love — no shiplap in sight.

1 /16: Daniella floral comforter

1/16 :Daniella floral comforter

2 /16: Mason wall decor

2/16 :Mason wall decor

3 /16: Precious agate cheese board

3/16 :Precious agate cheese board

4 /16: Momeni Delhi area rug

4/16 :Momeni Delhi area rug

5 /16: Thurston 5-light Sputnik chandelier

5/16 :Thurston 5-light Sputnik chandelier

6 /16: Rowan Bandhani duvet cover

6/16 :Rowan Bandhani duvet cover

7 /16: Multicolored gumball coat rack

7/16 :Multicolored gumball coat rack

8 /16: Merman snow globe

8/16 :Merman snow globe

9 /16: Broste Copenhagen Jelva large brass table

9/16 :Broste Copenhagen Jelva large brass table

10 /16: Umbra Prisma mirror

10/16 :Umbra Prisma mirror

11 /16: Black flora bedding

11/16 :Black flora bedding

12 /16: Anything Goes pink Champagne flutes

12/16 :Anything Goes pink Champagne flutes

13 /16: Justina Blakeney Tufo armless chair

13/16 :Justina Blakeney Tufo armless chair

14 /16: Diamond cushion

14/16 :Diamond cushion

15 /16: Leaf-print duvet cover set

15/16 :Leaf-print duvet cover set

16 /16: Lunar faux-fur throw

16/16 :Lunar faux-fur throw