How to Get the Modern Southwest Look That's Taking Over IG Feeds

by Justina Huddleston
Oct 16, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. ET

Tired of your boring minimalist home decor, but modern Victorian isn't quite your style? There's a new trend that's taking over our Instagram feeds, and it's just the thing for retired minimalists who want to add some more texture and life into their decor without going full-on maximalist. We're talking modern Southwest.

Relying on woven wall hangings, natural fibers, geometric patterns and lots of plants, modern Southwest decor is a far cry from the hokey faux-ranch decor you may be used to. Instead, it's all about using accent pieces against a fairly neutral background — think adding a large hanging plant and patterned rug to an otherwise sparsely decorated room.

And luckily, it's easy to find modern Southwestern pieces to add to your home. These are some of our favorites available in-store or online. Pick your favorites and get ready to give your home a simple but impactful design overhaul.

1 /13: Cactus landscape tapestry

1/13 :Cactus landscape tapestry

Make a statement with this large cacti- and succulent-printed tapestry. (Urban Outfitters, $49)

2 /13: Asterix geometric pillow

2/13 :Asterix geometric pillow

This wool and cotton geometric pillow has a rustic, natural texture. (CB2, $60)

3 /13: Textured shaga wall hanging

3/13 :Textured shaga wall hanging

Bring texture and depth to your space with this intricate woven wall hanging. (Urban Outfitters, $79)

4 /13: Iveta Abolina For Deny copper Spike pet bed

4/13 :Iveta Abolina For Deny copper Spike pet bed

Don't forget your pets! They can sleep in style on this cactus-printed pet bed. (Urban Outfitters, $99)

5 /13: Three-leaf cactus

5/13 :Three-leaf cactus

Black thumb got you down? Opt for this realistic faux cactus instead of the real thing. (Target, $6)

6 /13: Adama Terai chair

6/13 :Adama Terai chair

The combination of embroidered upholstery and wooden frame give this chair flair. (Anthropologie, $198)

7 /13: Assorted succulents, set of 4

7/13 :Assorted succulents, set of 4

Bring life to your style with a collection of four mini succulents. (Urban Outfitters, $20)

8 /13: Black macrame wall hanging

8/13 :Black macrame wall hanging

At the intersection of goth and Southwestern, there's this wall-hanging. (Target, $24)

9 /13: Pari rattan chair

9/13 :Pari rattan chair

The simple lines of this natural rattan chair make a subtle statement. (Anthropologie, $98)

10 /13: Blue woven wall hanging

10/13 :Blue woven wall hanging

Add color and texture to your room with this blue woven wall hanging. (Target, $29)

11 /13: Royalton cowhide bench

11/13 :Royalton cowhide bench

This cowhide bench is a surprisingly subtle Southwestern addition to even ultra-modern homes. (CB2, $400)

12 /13: Game Time handloomed natural rug

12/13 :Game Time handloomed natural rug

Add structure to your room with this handwoven area rug. (CB2, $449)

13 /13: Ellis double hanging planter

13/13 :Ellis double hanging planter

A mix of natural materials makes this planter a great addition to Southwestern decor. (Urban Outfitters, $39)