The 13 Best Kitchen Gadgets From Ikea

by Colleen Stinchcombe
Oct 20, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Kitchens are a sacred space. They’re where everyone in a house comes together: family, roommates, friends. Kitchens are also one of the places most prone to clutter, dirty dishes and sticky counters. It might be where your junk drawer is overstuffed and your counter is chaotic with too many appliances. All of this can make it unpleasant when it’s dinnertime and there are mouths (particularly your own) to feed. We could all probably use some help keeping our kitchens neat and functional so the next time hangry happens, we’re prepared.

Luckily for us, there are tools to help. If you’ve ever had to furnish an apartment, you know Ikea is a go-to stop. It’s hard not to get lost in the maze of their gorgeously decorated bedrooms and sophisticated office spaces. But you may not have noticed their kitchen gadgets are surprisingly useful too.

Here’s a list of gadgets that can make your kitchen a place of peace again, all while looking stylish.

1 /13: Kitchen rail

1/13 :Kitchen rail

Inspired by professional kitchens, this rail is multiuse and helps keep utensils organized. (Ikea, $10)

2 /13: Collapsible colander

2/13 :Collapsible colander

This colander can be turned into a quick steaming option or collapsed for storage. (Ikea, $8)

3 /13: Ice cube maker

3/13 :Ice cube maker

Make all the ice you want with this self-sealing ice cube bag. (Ikea, $2 for 10)

4 /13: Mixing bowl lid

4/13 :Mixing bowl lid

This mixing bowl has a lid with a hole for mixers. No more mess when you mix cake batter. (Ikea, $10)

5 /13: Plastic bag basket

5/13 :Plastic bag basket

Get your plastic bags out of the junk drawer and into this super-convenient basket. (Ikea, $2)

6 /13: Pot lid holder

6/13 :Pot lid holder

Give up the hunt for pot lids by organizing them with this sleek rack. (Ikea, $7)

7 /13: Plate holder

7/13 :Plate holder

Keep dishes organized in a drawer or on the counter. (Ikea, $9)

8 /13: Dish drainer

8/13 :Dish drainer

Keep your sink clear of clutter by securing a dish drainer on the wall. (Ikea, $28)

9 /13: Teapot

9/13 :Teapot

An easy way to prepare loose-leaf tea. (Ikea, $15)

10 /13: Spice divider insert

10/13 :Spice divider insert

No room for a spice rack? Slip these inserts into a drawer for a sleek alternative. (Ikea, $4)

11 /13: Sink colander

11/13 :Sink colander

This clever colander sits on the edge of the sink, making it perfect for rinsing fruits and vegetables. (Ikea, $5)

12 /13: Utensil & knife holder

12/13 :Utensil & knife holder

Wood utensil organizers are modern and attractive and keep knives safe as well. (Ikea, $22)

13 /13: Magnetic knife holder

13/13 :Magnetic knife holder

Organize and display knives with this magnetized rack. (Ikea, $9)