You'll Say, ‘Accio’ to Everything From PB Teen's New ‘Harry Potter’ Collection

by Justina Huddleston
Sep 15, 2017 at 2:12 p.m. ET

Want to hear something magical? While we were busy freaking out because as of Sept. 1 of this year, the epilogue of the Harry Potter series is now in the past, PB Teen was putting together a jaw-dropping collection of home decor based on the epic franchise.

Now, just like Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco's own children, who are starting their first year at school as we speak, you can live like you're at Hogwarts, all with a little tweaking of your current bedroom design.

The collection may be for PB Teen, but it's anything but childish. There are luxurious linens, ornate mirrors and throw pillows galore.

Whether you're a Hufflepuff (represent!), Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Slytherin, this line has something for everyone (even Muggles).

1 /12: Patronus damask duvet cover

1/12 :Patronus damask duvet cover

This luxurious cotton percale damask duvet covered in Patronus imagery will keep out the cold. (PB Teen, $149)

2 /12: 'Harry Potter' Magical Velvet quilt

2/12 :'Harry Potter' Magical Velvet quilt

This lush blue duvet cover and sham will keep you warm on cold nights in the castle. (PB Teen, $249)

3 /12: Gold glitter canopy

3/12 :Gold glitter canopy

Instantly make your bed look more magical with this gold glitter canopy. (PB Teen, $129)

4 /12: Shimmer velvet blackout drape

4/12 :Shimmer velvet blackout drape

Heavy velvet drapes add an air of sophistication to your castle. (PB Teen, $99 – $129)

5 /12: 'Harry Potter' knit throw

5/12 :'Harry Potter' knit throw

Snuggle up with this cozy throw when the weather outside gets frightful. (PB Teen, $69)

6 /12: 'Harry Potter' Deathly Hallows pillow

6/12 :'Harry Potter' Deathly Hallows pillow

Blue velvet, silver sequins and ancient magic imbue this soft pillow. (PB Teen, $40)

7 /12: 'Harry Potter' flying key jewelry hooks, set of 3

7/12 :'Harry Potter' flying key jewelry hooks, set of 3

Even if you're not a Harry Potter fan, these hooks are a stylish way to store your jewelry. (PB Teen, $89)

8 /12: 'Harry Potter' golden snitch clock

PB Teen Harry Potter Collection: This golden snitch clock is even better than a time turner
Image: PB Teen

8/12 :'Harry Potter' golden snitch clock

Dress up a side table or mantel with this golden snitch clock. (PB Teen, $49)

9 /12: 'Harry Potter' Hogwarts pendant

9/12 :'Harry Potter' Hogwarts pendant

The cutout image of Hogwarts on this pendant lamp glows warmly whenever the light's on. (PB Teen, $249)

10 /12: 'Harry Potter' Mirror of Erised jewelry wall cabinet

10/12 :'Harry Potter' Mirror of Erised jewelry wall cabinet

This ornate iron mirror doubles as a jewelry cabinet. (PB Teen, $399)

11 /12: 'Harry Potter' Hedwig lamp

11/12 :'Harry Potter' Hedwig lamp

Hedwig lives on in this magically illuminating lamp. (PB Teen, $179) 

12 /12: 'Harry Potter' Platform 9-3/4 pillow cover

12/12 :'Harry Potter' Platform 9-3/4 pillow cover

Pink velvet and gold lettering make this pillow cover a chic choice. (PB Teen, $36)