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10 Best Etsy Shops for Affordable, Modern Decor


SheKnows Editorial

I love Ikea, Target and Wayfair as much as the next girl, but is anyone else getting seriously annoyed by how often you find the “perfect” lamp, rug or planter only to find out that three of your friends have the exact same one? I feel like I’m living the episode of Friends where Phoebe finds out Rachel has made their apartment a carbon copy of the Pottery Barn catalog in real life (unbeknownst to Phoebe, who hates things that aren’t as unique as she is). These big box stores are certainly convenient, but sometimes, just like Phoebe, I want something a little more unique for my home. That’s when I turn to Etsy.

With its collection of quirky and unique independently run shops, Etsy is where I go when I’m searching for items that will bring a wow-factor to my home. And even though I’m buying unique things, there are still a ton of shops that are affordable. These are some of our favorite Etsy shops selling modern home decor even for those of us on a budget — proof positive your home can be unique and chic without depleting your savings account.

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