15 DIY Halloween Decorations From Pinterest That Are Spooky, Yet Chic

by Sarah Long
Aug 25, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. ET
Chic Halloween Decor DIYs
Image: M_a_y_a/Getty Images

One of the things we love the most about the fall season is all the pretty decor. The leaves, the warm colors, the pumpkins — what's not to love? Especially when October rolls around and it's time to start throwing up the Halloween decorations, that's when things get really interesting.

And it's also when we like to roll up our sleeves and start some serious DIYs. Carving pumpkins, putting up the spider webs — homemade Halloween decor is where it's at. But homemade ghoulish decorations are also kinda tricky. One false move and your house can end up looking super-cheesy.

However, it's totally possible to DIY yourself to a totally chic Halloween space this fall. We searched Pinterest high and low for some Halloween inspiration and dug up some tutorials that are super-easy to do, but also look so good, you might want to keep them up all year-round. Almost.

1 /15: Floral skull centerpiece

1/15 :Floral skull centerpiece

A setup Edgar Allen Poe fans will die for. And it's so simple to put together.

2 /15: Tortured candles

2/15 :Tortured candles

Gross? Yes. Super cool? Absolutely.

3 /15: Skull candle holder

3/15 :Skull candle holder

This DIY looks expert-level, but you'll be surprised how easy it is.

4 /15: Floating cheesecloth ghost family

4/15 :Floating cheesecloth ghost family

It's kinda mind-blowing how cute a little cheesecloth can look. We die for this little ghost family.

5 /15: Dollar store DIY sugar skull

5/15 :Dollar store DIY sugar skull

This dollar store sugar skull proves you can totally decorate for Halloween using pastels.

6 /15: Vintage-inspired Halloween mantel

6/15 :Vintage-inspired Halloween mantel

Lace and mercury glass? Yes, please. 

7 /15: Candy corn water bead vases

7/15 :Candy corn water bead vases

If you want to go the cheerful route with your Halloween decorating, these guys are for you.

8 /15: Floating witch hat luminaries

8/15 :Floating witch hat luminaries

Witch hat luminaries add a subtle eerie glow to your entryway.

9 /15: Bat mobile

9/15 :Bat mobile

It's not the Batmobile, silly. But this fun way to dress up a simple chandelier still looks pretty awesome.

10 /15: Skeleton taxidermy display

10/15 :Skeleton taxidermy display

We're so not down for real taxidermy, but these guys are actually kinda cute.

11 /15: Spooky skeleton pumpkins

11/15 :Spooky skeleton pumpkins

Spooky skeletons take pumpkin-carving to the next level.

12 /15: Mummy pillow

12/15 :Mummy pillow

If you don't want to go overboard with the Halloween-ness, this simple pillow is a nice touch.

13 /15: Gilded insect faux taxidermy

13/15 :Gilded insect faux taxidermy

Golden oversize insects look really cool mounted on your wall.

14 /15: Black crow Halloween wreath

14/15 :Black crow Halloween wreath

A metallic raven wreath is something we can get behind.

15 /15: Printable apothecary bottles

15/15 :Printable apothecary bottles

Apothecary bottles just look plain badass, and printable labels make them so easy to pull off.