9 Expensive-Looking Rugs That Are Actually From Ikea

by Justina Huddleston
Aug 28, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. ET

Rugs can make or break any room in your home, but they can also require a significant investment. So we put off purchasing them... painting the walls, hanging curtains and buying various tchotchkes... only to come right back to the realization that what the space really needs is a good rug.

Luckily, we have Ikea. Instead of spending literally thousands on a new floor covering, these Ikea finds will set you back less than $200, with many of them even coming in at under $100. Whether you dream of someday owning a real Turkish rug or instead have more modern aspirations, there’s something here that will match your style.

Best of all? Many of the rugs are made from real wool and are handwoven at a weaving center in India where workers are paid fair wages and have safe working conditions.

From large to small, minimalist to bright, there’s an affordable, stylish Ikea rug for everyone.

1 /9: Ikea PS 2014

1/9 :Ikea PS 2014

This colorful geometric rug is handwoven and made of pure wool, but is totally affordable. (Ikea, $139)

2 /9: Ikea Sönderöd

2/9 :Ikea Sönderöd

A high-pile blue rug, the Sönderöd will brighten up any room. (Ikea, $149)

3 /9: Ikea Valby Ruta

3/9 :Ikea Valby Ruta

It looks like an antique, but you won't have to worry about caring for this inexpensive rug. (Ikea, $70)

4 /9: Ikea Tåstrup

4/9 :Ikea Tåstrup

Perfect for kids' rooms, this colorful button rug won't set you back too much. (Ikea, $50)

5 /9: Ikea Tilst

5/9 :Ikea Tilst

Handwoven from durable, recyclable jute, this affordable rug will last in high-traffic areas. (Ikea, $35)

6 /9: Ikea Vallöby

6/9 :Ikea Vallöby

In delicate shades of blue and white, this runner would be perfect in your hallway. (Ikea, $30)

7 /9: Ikea Dynt

7/9 :Ikea Dynt

Get a luxe look for less with this dramatic rug. It's pricier than other Ikea finds, but worth it. (Ikea, $179)

8 /9: Ikea Rens

8/9 :Ikea Rens

Who knew real sheepskin could be so inexpensive? This Ikea rug adds rustic glam to any room. (Ikea, $30)

9 /9: Ikea Stunsig

9/9 :Ikea Stunsig

Mosaic rugs add tons of visual interest to your space, and this one is surprisingly affordable. (Ikea, $89)