10 Biggest Fall 2017 Decor Trends

by Justina Huddleston
Aug 22, 2017 at 11:30 a.m. ET

All good things come with fall. There’s pumpkin spice, caramel apples, changing leaves and sweater weather, but more important, the change in season is the perfect excuse to do a little redecorating.

My summer decorating style tends to be pretty vibrant — this year, there were lots of succulents, tropical prints and bright yellow accents. But as we move into fall, I want to give my home a cozier look. Luckily, the season’s biggest trends help any room feel a little warmer, perfect for hunkering down while winter slowly approaches.

Texture is big, with everything from wicker chairs to faux fur rugs popping up in every room of the house. And while super-bright white interiors have been all the rage for a few seasons, dark jewel tones and even black paint are rising in popularity.

In fact, the Scandinavians may know a thing or two about winter, but it looks like minimalism may be trending downward in favor of something called "New Victorian," which favors lush accents like velvet.

If you're stumped about how to transition your home from summer to fall, just take a look at the following slides for some serious seasonal inspiration.

1/10 :Gold accents

"Gold is still a popular metal accent choice. Besides accessories and hardware, I'm seeing it more in furniture accents," like the lighting elements in this kitchen, Laurel & Wolf designer Christina Di Vito told SheKnows.

2 /10: Wicker & rattan furniture

2/10 :Wicker & rattan furniture

"Wicker is making a comeback! Again, I'm seeing a lot of new products using rattan in fun ways. Pendant lighting and more modern styles of chairs and bar stools," Di Vito shared.

3/10 :Accent wallpaper

"Add texture and interest to the wall with accent wallpaper," recommends Laurel & Wolf designer Lori Evans.  

4 /10: Colorful area rugs

4/10 :Colorful area rugs

An area rug can instantly change the look of a room and adds cozy warmth as winter approaches.

5 /10: Blush pink

5/10 :Blush pink

Also called "millennial pink," this light, rosy hue is here to stay... for a little while at least. 

6 /10: Dark interiors

6/10 :Dark interiors

Dark paint, from actual black to deep jewel tones, will be taking the place of all-white interiors. 

7 /10: Woven textures

7/10 :Woven textures

Macrame and woven textures add an organic warmth to your home. A simple wall hanging can make a big impact.

8 /10: Sheepskin & fur accents

8/10 :Sheepskin & fur accents

Faux sheepskin and faux fur are ultra-cozy as the cool autumn nights set in and add dynamic texture. 

9 /10: New Victorian style

9/10 :New Victorian style

Lush Victorian accents, like a velvet sofa, will shake up your minimalist decor. 

10 /10: In-home bars

10/10 :In-home bars

Stylish home bars are coming back into fashion, whether on a cart or tucked into the corner of your room.