The 18 Best Target Halloween Decor Items for $20 or Less

by Justina Huddleston
Aug 10, 2017 at 11:30 a.m. ET

Target just gave us the biggest home decor treat there is. They launched their newest lines of Halloween decor, and they're offering a little something for everyone.

The Halloween Nocturne collection embraces gothic elegance — these are the sorts of items you could totally envision Morticia Addams picking up on a trip to the local mall (if she would deign to set foot in such a brightly lit establishment, that is).

Mad Lab is a colorful and quirky line that features bright colors and cute characters that embrace the spookiness of Halloween while combining it with utter silliness too.

Fall Gather is a simple, homey decor collection that welcomes fall right into your home. There are rustic wooden signs and pumpkin knickknacks galore to decorate with.

Stories in the Dark is a little more intense, a modern take on classic Halloween decor. We're talking black cats, skulls, and jack-o'-lanterns.

Last but not least, there's Skeletons and Tombstones, a collection that's exactly what it sounds like. This one also emphasizes outside decor, so you can let your neighbors know that you're down to celebrate on Halloween.

Best of all? Each item is $20 or less. Take a look at our favorite pieces from the collections in these slides. 

1 /18: Spooky Victorian telephone

1/18 :Spooky Victorian telephone

Send party guests back in time with this spooky old telephone. (Target, $15)

2 /18: Halloween Nocturne stemless wine glasses

2/18 :Halloween Nocturne stemless wine glasses

This set of four stemless wine glasses will let you sip in spooky style. (Target, $8)

3 /18: Halloween Nocturne beverage tub

3/18 :Halloween Nocturne beverage tub

Pairing black and copper, this surprisingly elegant tub will keep your beverages cold. (Target, $8)

4 /18: Haunted candelabra

4/18 :Haunted candelabra

Create some spooky mood lighting with this Victorian candelabra. (Target, $10)

5 /18: Halloween Nocturne snake candleholder

5/18 :Halloween Nocturne snake candleholder

For your Halloween party or general goth existence, these candleholders can't be beat. (Target, $5)

6 /18: Apothecary jar

6/18 :Apothecary jar

Creep out party guests by placing a few of these on your table. (Target, $5)

7 /18: Mad Lab skull & brain candy bowl

7/18 :Mad Lab skull & brain candy bowl

Keep your Halloween candy in this quirky candy bowl. (Target, $10)

8 /18: Mad Lab eyeball beakers

8/18 :Mad Lab eyeball beakers

Serve ghoulish green cocktails and blood-red drinks from these zany beakers. (Target, $15)

9 /18: Mad Lab Halloween spider lights

9/18 :Mad Lab Halloween spider lights

Strung up outside or inside, these spider lights add color and flair to your celebration. (Target, $14)

10 /18: Fall Gather harvest pumpkin wreath

10/18 :Fall Gather harvest pumpkin wreath

Skip the hassle of a DIY project and buy this colorful autumn wreath instead. (Target, $20)

11 /18: Fall Gather harvest hanging sign

11/18 :Fall Gather harvest hanging sign

Point friends in the direction of fall festivities with this bright and colorful sign. (Target, $7)

12 /18: Fall Gather cable-knit pumpkins

12/18 :Fall Gather cable-knit pumpkins

Add comfy and cozy touches to your decor with these cable-knit pumpkins. (Target, $12)

13 /18: Stories in the Dark skull wall hanging

13/18 :Stories in the Dark skull wall hanging

This modern interpretation of the Halloween skeleton makes for a fashionably haunted home. (Target, $7)

14 /18: Stories in the Dark LED metal lantern

14/18 :Stories in the Dark LED metal lantern

Place these outside your house to let trick-or-treaters know that you're ready for Halloween. (Target, $18)

15 /18: Stories in the Dark glass pumpkin candy jar

15/18 :Stories in the Dark glass pumpkin candy jar

Use this glass pumpkin to store apples in September, candy in October and flowers in November. (Target, $8)

16 /18: Skeletons and Tombstones spider tombstone

16/18 :Skeletons and Tombstones spider tombstone

A spider tombstone warns guests that there's something spooky behind the front door. (Target, $20)

17 /18: Skeletons and Tombstones dachshund skeleton

17/18 :Skeletons and Tombstones dachshund skeleton

I can't tell if this dachshund skeleton is cute or terrifying, but either way, I want it. (Target, $15)

18 /18: Skeletons and Tombstones lighted green cat eyes

18/18 :Skeletons and Tombstones lighted green cat eyes

Hang these jumbo lighted cat eyes in your windows to commune with the creatures of the night. (Target, $20)