Ikea's Latest Home Collection Is Weird But Wonderful

by Justina Huddleston
May 31, 2017 at 2:15 p.m. ET

Ikea is known for its chic Scandi-inspired designs, and they've got a knack for picking up on modern trends too.

But the latest home collection is really out there. Don't believe us? It involves scared cucumber pillowcases, oversize apian duvet covers and snarling wolf heads to start.

The collection, called Stunsig, is a collaboration between Ikea and several designers and artists (Frédérique Vernillet, Malcolm Stuart, Pinar & Viola, Steven Harrington, Team Hawaii and Tilde Bay). It launches in June, and it's sure to shake up your home's look.

Take a sneak peek at the new collection in the following slides. (And don't be fooled by how bored this model looks; washing comforters at a laundromat can do that to anyone.)

1 /10: Crazy cukes

1/10 :Crazy cukes

Malcolm Stuart's cucumber prints are simultaneously alarming and charming. 

2 /10: The birds & the bees

2/10 :The birds & the bees

This bold print features birds, bees and flowers (and is pretty cozy judging by the sleepy model).

3 /10: Tons of totes

3/10 :Tons of totes

Not sure you want to commit to such bold design in the bedroom? Take one for a test drive in tote bag form. 

4 /10: Funky tote

4/10 :Funky tote

This Tilde Bay tote is modern and funky while still retaining an elegance that works for everyday use. 

5 /10: Rad rugs

5/10 :Rad rugs

These area rugs will liven up any space, even if they fail to get a reaction from this model. 

6 /10: Daring dinnerware

6/10 :Daring dinnerware

Nothing to see here, folks. Just some totally average plates and bowls displayed on a totally average table.

7 /10: Escalator eats

7/10 :Escalator eats

Oh, I'm sorry. Do you not usually eat your breakfast cereal out of eye-catching bowls on an escalator? 

8 /10: Happy collector

8/10 :Happy collector

Hey, at least someone's excited about these awesome plates! I like the one with the pink pony and eye decorations.

9 /10: Psychadelic pillows

9/10 :Psychadelic pillows

This throw pillow print is like Alice in Wonderland-meets-a-post-apocalyptic-acid-trip... in a good way. 

10 /10: Funky faces

10/10 :Funky faces

Ah, yes, the classic design combo of pineapples, carrots, lightbulbs and faces. Timeless, chic, kinda creepy.