8 Gorgeous Lacquered Walls That Will Make You Want Your Own

by Kristen Bousquet
May 17, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. ET

You've heard of lacquered nails, sure, but walls? Yes, they're a thing, and the results are pretty stunning.

This smooth, high-gloss surface makes any room instantly look more luxurious and expensive. For new homes, using real lacquer is a great way to achieve this look, but because of the process, owners of existing homes may want to opt for an enamel coating finished off with a high-gloss clear coat to accomplish these lustrous walls.

Want some inspo to help you decide whether lacquering your walls is right for you? Click through our slideshow.

1/8 :Navy blue

This kitchen is small, but navy blue sheen gives the illusion of space and luxury.

2 /8: Lipstick red

2/8 :Lipstick red

Want to make an intense (in a good way) statement? Try bold, shiny red.

3 /8: Sapphire blue

3/8 :Sapphire blue

Mahogany would look stuffy and dark, but lacquered blue shelves are modern and chic.

4 /8: Dandelion yellow

4/8 :Dandelion yellow

Dandelion yellow shine reflects the sun, making a room extra-bright.

5 /8: Aquamarine

5/8 :Aquamarine

Soft, shiny aquamarine brings a beachy vibe even to a traditional space.

6/8 :Moss green

A lacquered sheen prevents this earthy green color from looking drab.

7/8 :Magenta

Happy pink gets a grown-up makeover with glossy lacquer.

8 /8: Black-brown

8/8 :Black-brown

Black walls are hard to pull off, but adding lacquer makes them look intriguing, not foreboding.