The Chicest Home Goods at H&M Under $10

by Domino
May 10, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. ET

By: Rachel Besser

It’s hard enough as it is to find design-forward home items that are priced below $50 — it’s nearly impossible to do the same for items under $10.

But we love a good challenge, so after perusing dozens of sites, we realized that H&M Home doesn’t just have a few good pieces under $10 — they actually have a ton. These products look like they cost a fortune, but you could buy the whole lot for less than $150. Happy shopping!

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1 /17: Banana napkins

1/17 :Banana napkins

Get the party started with some quirky banana napkins. (Paper napkins, $2.99)

2 /17: Tea light holder

2/17 :Tea light holder

This tea light holder will refract light beautifully. (Clear glass tea light holder, $4.99)

3 /17: Wooden tray

3/17 :Wooden tray

The perfect place to stow kitchen items you use all the time. (Small wooden tray, $5.99)

4 /17: Glassware

4/17 :Glassware

Amp up your glass game for less than $6 a pop. (Glass, $5.99)

5 /17: Glass case

5/17 :Glass case

Store your jewelry in a glass case so you remember you have it! (Small clear glass box, $9.99)

6 /17: Plant pot

6/17 :Plant pot

Swap out that flimsy plant pot for this metal iteration. (Mini metal plant pot, $6.99)

7 /17: Velvet pillow case

7/17 :Velvet pillow case

Nobody will believe this rang in under $10. (Velvet cushion cover, $9.99)

8 /17: Metal wire basket

8/17 :Metal wire basket

Keep some of your larger items in this metal wire basket. (Metal wire basket, $9.99)

9 /17: Placemats

9/17 :Placemats

You’re definitely going to want these on your table. (Round jute placemat, $9.99)

10 /17: Bowls

10/17 :Bowls

These bowls will make breakfast look more appetizing. (Small stoneware bowl, $9.99)

11 /17: Chic candles

11/17 :Chic candles

Grab some chic candles at a good price. (four-pack tapered candles, $9.99)

12 /17: Soap dispenser

12/17 :Soap dispenser

Never unexpectedly run out of soap again. (Soap dispenser, $9.99)

13 /17: Toothbrush holder

13/17 :Toothbrush holder

Your toothbrushes deserve a chic home too. (Porcelain toothbrush mug, $9.99)

14 /17: Stoneware plates

14/17 :Stoneware plates

What more could you want in a plate? (Hand-painted stoneware plate, $9.99)

15 /17: Stoneware cups

15/17 :Stoneware cups

You might as well get the matching cups while you’re at it. (Hand-painted stoneware cup, $9.99)

16 /17: Napkin holder

16/17 :Napkin holder

A cute place to stow your napkins when guests are over. (Metal napkin holder, $9.99)

17 /17: Candleholder

17/17 :Candleholder

Don’t overpay for a candleholder when you can swoop this up. (Small candlestick holder, $9.99)