Check Out the Super-Sweet Thing Mila Kunis Did For Her Parents

by Justina Huddleston
Apr 25, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. ET

Mila Kunis is close with her family, and her parents still live in the condo where they moved with Kunis after leaving Ukraine when she was just a kid. She was living there when she was cast in That '70s Show, and after a long and successful career, Kunis decided it was time to help her parents with a renovation of the space she called home all those years ago.

Ahead, take a closer look at some impressive before and after photos of the space and get all the warm and fuzzy feels from what a sweet gesture it was.

1 /10: Great room, pre-renovation

1/10 :Great room, pre-renovation

Kunis' parents love their condo and didn't want to move, so Kunis called in Breeze Giannasio of Breeze Giannasio Interiors to help her renovate the space. The process was chronicled on the first episode of My Houzz, a home renovation show for which Kunis is an executive producer.

2 /10: Great room, post-renovation

2/10 :Great room, post-renovation

Without the wall separating the living room space from the kitchen, Kunis' mother, Elvira, who loves to cook, can spend time with the family at the same time. The warm tones of the apartment were also swapped out for cooler blues, whites and trendy greige with a few pops of yellow here and there to balance the look.

3 /10: Living room, pre-renovation

3/10 :Living room, pre-renovation

Before, the living room was built around the large TV, and yellow herringbone wooden floors and large leather couches made the room feel a little stuffy. 

4 /10: Living room, post-renovation

4/10 :Living room, post-renovation

Giannasio swapped the couches for two swanky sitting chairs and a large gray sectional that's perfect for family gatherings. The TV was inset into a built-in storage unit, so it blends in with the rest of the decor. Lastly, the floors are now elegant French oak. 

5 /10: Kitchen, pre-renovation

5/10 :Kitchen, pre-renovation

The galley-style kitchen in the home had modern amenities, but was closed off from the rest of the condo and didn't leave much room for movement. 

6 /10: Kitchen, post-renovation

6/10 :Kitchen, post-renovation

Knocking down a wall opened up the kitchen, making it feel light and airy. Dark countertops were swapped for white, and upgraded appliances will make sure that Elvira can cook to her heart's content for years to come. 

7 /10: Kitchen, post-renovation

7/10 :Kitchen, post-renovation

New cabinets give the kitchen added storage, but glass fronts on the shelves keep the space from feeling too closed-off. Some built-in shelves were added to the end of the counters, and shelves were also used to add storage to the corner of the room, which might otherwise have ended up as wasted space. 

8 /10: Sitting room, pre-renovation

8/10 :Sitting room, pre-renovation

The small sitting area was previously cozy, but needed some updating, especially where the layout was concerned.

9 /10: Sitting room, post-renovation

9/10 :Sitting room, post-renovation

Now, the family has a sitting area that's visually appealing and functional. The sectional offers up some cozy lounge space, and a set of wall sconces balance out the large television. 

10 /10: Dining room, post-renovation

10/10 :Dining room, post-renovation

A long farmhouse table graces the dining room, and rich blue chairs offer a luxurious contrast to the table's rustic style and add a pop of vibrant color to the otherwise neutral space.