20 Home Decor Trends That Will Be Huge in 2017

by Justina Huddleston
Apr 19, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. ET

If spring has you in the mood for a home overhaul, you're about to get a well-timed dose of inspiration: Pinterest just released its list the hottest home-decorating trends of 2017, and we're a tad obsessed.

From stylish storage options to temporary design overhauls, click through the looks you'll be lusting for in 2017. 

1 /20: Sneaky seasonal storage

1/20 :Sneaky seasonal storage

Forget stuffing your closets with bins — stylish storage for seasonal items can be put on display.

2 /20: Laundry room ideas

2/20 :Laundry room ideas

Doing laundry is more fun when you're not stuck in a dingy corner. 

3 /20: No-closet solutions

3/20 :No-closet solutions

If your home is low on closet space, these are the solutions to your storage woes.

4 /20: Accessories as decor

4/20 :Accessories as decor

Put your favorite accessories on display instead of storing them in the closet. 

5 /20: Entryway styling

5/20 :Entryway styling

Transform your outerwear pile to a personal expression of style.

6 /20: Nooks of wallpaper

6/20 :Nooks of wallpaper

Removable wallpaper can transform a bathroom, foyer or stairwell from utilitarian to beautiful.

7 /20: Under-the-sink storage

7/20 :Under-the-sink storage

Cleaning the bathroom doesn't feel like a chore when your supplies are organized.

8 /20: Shower plants

8/20 :Shower plants

Plants in the shower help purify the air and neutralize odors and bacteria. 

9 /20: Acrylic makeup storage

9/20 :Acrylic makeup storage

Stop digging around in a messy makeup bag with organized acrylic cosmetics storage

10 /20: Linen closets

10/20 :Linen closets

Organized linen closets are easier to keep clean (and more attractive). 

11 /20: Vertical bar carts

11/20 :Vertical bar carts

No floor space for a bar? Take to the walls with a vertical bar cart instead. 

12 /20: Composting 101

12/20 :Composting 101

Go green with compost, saving your scraps and reusing them in your garden. 

13 /20: Cast-iron cookware

13/20 :Cast-iron cookware

Enameled cast-iron cookware isn't just functional. It makes your kitchen gorgeous.

14 /20: Coffee bar command center

14/20 :Coffee bar command center

Use your coffee bar as your command space, because caffeine and work go together. 

15 /20: Pantry styling

15/20 :Pantry styling

A stylish, organized pantry will make cooking a million times easier.

16/20 :Cozy is in

Hygge-inspired decor and warm tones are replacing stark white marble and geometric accents.

17 /20: Round mirrors

17/20 :Round mirrors

Round mirrors add softness to your decor. 

18 /20: Knob and leg swap-outs

18/20 :Knob and leg swap-outs

Hack tables, couches and even cabinets with new legs, knobs and drawer-pulls

19 /20: Faux finishes

19/20 :Faux finishes

Stick-on tiles and removable wallpaper are trendy tricks to quickly change spaces.

20 /20: Pink accents

20/20 :Pink accents

Millennial pink and other rosy hues are popping up everywhere, from bathrooms to couches.