You Don't Need These Gorgeous Appliances, but You'll Want to Ogle Them Anyway

by Aly Walansky
Apr 18, 2017 at 3:30 p.m. ET

For most people, a kitchen of stainless steel appliances is about as fancy as it gets. But for appliance enthusiasts or designer collab junkies, a new line from Dolce & Gabbana and Smeg will allow you to toast a bagel or brew an espresso in an actual work of art. The collection, "Sicily is My Love," will roll out in October. Prices haven't been revealed yet, but last year the two brands partnered up to create equally beautiful refrigerators that cost a cool $34,000 apiece.

Still, it's fun to fantasize about how these gems — which range from a mixer to a kettle — would look in your home. For a peek at the over-the-top-pretty appliances, click through the slideshow.

1 /5: Espresso machine

1/5 :Espresso machine

This horse-drawn carriage-emblazoned machine carries a colorful punch almost as strong as the espresso it makes.

2 /5: Toaster

2/5 :Toaster

Perfect for making avocado toast in your Grecian villa, no?

3 /5: Food processor

3/5 :Food processor

Check out the Italy-inspired hues, lemons and prickly pears.

4 /5: Blender

4/5 :Blender

This vibrant blender pays homage to Sicily’s Mount Etna.

5 /5: Kettle

5/5 :Kettle

Bright acanthus leaves and flowers make this kettle more lush than most gardens.