HGTV is Giving Away a Smart Home in Arizona and It Looks Amazing

by Justina Huddleston
Apr 13, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. ET

Is your home not, well, smart enough? Or maybe just a little old-fashioned? I'm not exactly sure how to gauge a home's smartness (though I have a feeling my apartment's ancient coin-op laundry room and energy-guzzling AC wall unit don't fit the bill), but regardless, HGTV and the DIY Network have got you covered. They're hosting a giveaway of a gorgeous desert home in Scottsdale, Arizona, that's fitted with all the most modern home technology.

The winner of the sweepstakes also gets a new car, $100,000 and basically a new lease on life. But one burning question remains — what does it look like inside this modern desert marvel?

1/7 :Exterior

The 3,300-square-foot home boasts an exterior that fits seamlessly with the desert landscape. From subtle stucco walls to drought-resistant landscaping that features native plants, you'll want to spend plenty of time outside this house.

Design aside, the exterior also features some smart technology. Mobile-controlled smart locks make getting in and out of the house easy as pie. Energy-efficient windows and smartphone-controlled blinds make keeping the house cool a breeze. And the house is protected by a wireless security system that can be monitored from an app.

2/7 :Great room

A cool, neutral palette decorates the great room of the smart home in stark contrast to the golden tones of the desert outside.

Two couches face one another to facilitate conversation, while a natural gas fireplace brings warmth to the room on chilly winter nights.

Best of all? A high-def smart TV is inset above the fireplace and hidden between white tile pocket doors when not in use.

3/7 :Kitchen

A waterfall marble island with custom cabinetry is a highlight of the kitchen, which features white, black and copper accents. Little touches, like a hands-free faucet and remote-controlled skylights, make it as user-friendly as kitchens come, while top-of-the-line appliances will make you feel like you're cooking in luxury. 

4 /7: Dining room

4/7 :Dining room

Filled with abstract art that balances cool and warm neutrals, this dining room is perfect for entertaining. 

5 /7: Master bedroom

5/7 :Master bedroom

With a bedroom this luxurious, it'll be hard to make it out of bed in the morning.

Charcoal gray walls cocoon you as you sleep, and the well-cushioned bed has an integrated sleep tracker so you can measure how well-rested you are each night.

The room features a blue velvet chaise lounge in a sitting area offset from the rest of the room for reading and relaxation, while decorative touches like graphic-print curtains and abstract art on the wall bring the room together.

6 /7: Master bathroom

6/7 :Master bathroom

I thought my hands-free soap dispenser was as modern as bathrooms could get, but this masterpiece shows me I was wrong.

A digital bath-filler that controls the water temperature makes enjoying the free-standing tub easier than ever. Solar-powered skylights let natural light shine into the room, while a separate toilet closet keeps private things, well, private.

The toilet itself is high-tech too, with a hands-free seat and self-cleaning function. The walk-in digital shower will make you feel like you're a citizen of the future as you gaze out your window at the desert surrounding you underneath a perfectly warm stream of water.

7 /7: Laundry room

7/7 :Laundry room

You know you're living the good life when you can swear off the laundromat for good. This smart home has a laundry room that features front-loading, high-efficiency, ultra-large appliances equipped with a flood monitor to ward off any leaks. There's a steam closet too to rid clothes of wrinkles and odors (so you can cut down on trips to the dry cleaners).