7 Rustic Decor Ideas That Don’t Scream ‘Farmhouse’

by Kristen Bousquet
Apr 5, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. ET

The great part about the whole rustic country look is that it's cozy and homey — but the downside is if you go overboard, it can look more like a farmhouse than a modern home. To make the rustic look more contemporary and sophisticated, try these home-styling and shopping ideas.

1 /14: Wooden furniture

1/14 :Wooden furniture

Try wood in different stains for an easy rustic touch.

2 /14: Wooden furniture

2/14 :Wooden furniture

50-inch rustic TV stand or sofa table (Etsy, $375)

3 /14: Modern rooster decor

3/14 :Modern rooster decor

Roosters might seem kitschy, but they can also be fun.

4 /14: Modern rooster decor

4/14 :Modern rooster decor

Rooster print (Etsy, $5)

5 /14: Destroyed surfaces

5/14 :Destroyed surfaces

Destroyed wood is another option — and something you can even DIY.

6 /14: Destroyed surfaces

6/14 :Destroyed surfaces

Washed wood three-drawer dresser (Anthropologie, $698)

7 /14: Stick to neutrals

7/14 :Stick to neutrals

A neutral palette works best for rustic looks (get your colors from plants and flowers).

8 /14: Stick to neutrals

8/14 :Stick to neutrals

Brown Betty coin weave baskets (World Market, $9.98)

9/14 :Barn wall

Ready to commit? Try barn-print wallpaper.

10 /14: Barn wall

10/14 :Barn wall

Nailhead plank wallpaper in weathered brown (Bed, Bath & Beyond, $25)

11 /14: Wood stump table

11/14 :Wood stump table

Set your country iced tea on a wooden stump that doubles as a side table.

12 /14: Wood stump table

12/14 :Wood stump table

Kentucky stump table (Etsy, $139)

13 /14: Metal plant pots

13/14 :Metal plant pots

Instead of snoozy planting pots, try textured metal plant pots.

14 /14: Metal plant pots

14/14 :Metal plant pots

Ribbed galvanized metal planter (Rejuvenation, $47)