Lori Loughlin's Flipped Bel-Air Mansion Is Worthy of an HGTV Show

by Justina Huddleston
Mar 17, 2017 at 3:30 p.m. ET

This "full house" is about to be empty (har, har). Lori Loughlin, who plays Rebecca on Full House and Fuller House, is selling the swanky Bel-Air mansion that she owns with her husband Mossimo Giannulli for $35 million.

Loughlin may be known for her role on Full House, but HGTV should consider giving her her own house-flipping show. The couple bought this property in 2015 for $14 million, renovated it completely and more than doubled its value in 2017. They've bought and sold similarly impressive properties in Tuscany, Aspen and Bel-Air. I would binge-watch the hell out of a multimillion dollar house-flipping show hosted by Loughlin. The stakes are high enough with a $100,000 profit margin on the line; up that to $21 million and you've got some Hunger Games capital-style entertainment.

So, what does a celebrity-renovated $35 million Bel-Air mansion located on a golf course look like? Click to find out.

1 /14: Arial view

1/14 :Arial view

The Mediterranean-style home has striking white walls, a contrasting red roof and enviable golf course views. 

2 /14: Balcony bedroom

2/14 :Balcony bedroom

The house boasts six bedrooms and nine bathrooms (I think a true sign of luxury living is never having to run to the other side of the house to use the bathroom), a swimming pool, a spa and a lanai that would make the Golden Girls green with envy.

3 /14: Pool

3/14 :Pool

The pool is long and narrow, ideal for swimming laps, and is flanked by plenty of lounge chairs for sunbathing friends.

4 /14: Poolside bar

4/14 :Poolside bar

Shiny brass and marble make this modern indoor-outdoor poolside bar feel totally worthy of an A-lister. 

5 /14: Kitchen

5/14 :Kitchen

Covered in cool, luxe marble, the kitchen's long counters are perfect for laying out wine and drinks. 

6 /14: Luxe living

6/14 :Luxe living

This living area features a ton of natural light, a modern inset fireplace and plenty of space to relax.

7 /14: Dining room

7/14 :Dining room

I might be too distracted by the stunning wall art, cool modern lighting and golf course views to focus on eating in this simple and sophisticated dining room.

8 /14: Indoor-outdoor

8/14 :Indoor-outdoor

The wall in this room opens up completely, creating a bright, airy space that's perfect for entertaining.

9 /14: Outdoor luxury

9/14 :Outdoor luxury

I could definitely start my mornings sipping green juice on this patio, gazing onto a lush golf course.

10 /14: Outdoor dining

10/14 :Outdoor dining

Can't you see yourself dancing and dining on this gorgeous marble patio at an intimate post-Emmys party?

11 /14: Bedroom

11/14 :Bedroom

With attached his-and-hers bathrooms and palm tree views through arched windows, this bedroom is #Goals.

12 /14: Bathroom

12/14 :Bathroom

This NBD bathroom features a deep soaking tub, standing shower, leather lounger and even more sunny views. 

13 /14: Wood-paneled walls

13/14 :Wood-paneled walls

A true sign of chic design, this room makes wood paneling look fresh and modern, not dark and tacky. 

14 /14: Balcony

14/14 :Balcony

This porch is ideal for soaking up sun with friends (just watch out for flying golf balls).