Carrie Fisher's Bright, Boho Mansion Is as Cool and Quirky as She Was

by Justina Huddleston
Mar 16, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. ET

I already loved Carrie Fisher, but seeing pictures of her home in Beverly Hills has made me mourn her passing even more. Most celebrities seem to live in pristine homes that look like they're straight from the pages of Architectural Digest, but Fisher's home looks like what I'd imagine my own personal mansion to be like when I was in high school. 

The house, which is right next to her late mother Debbie Fisher's home, has remained untouched since Fisher's untimely passing. Now, her family is trying to figure out what to do with the property and may even consider having it turned into a museum. It does have historical merit — it was originally owned by actor Robert Armstrong, captain in the original King Kong and was also home to Bette Davis. More recently, Fisher had James Blunt as a roomie — he penned "You're Beautiful" while living with her (Fisher kept a piano in the bathroom since the acoustics are so good). 

Take a look at Carrie Fisher's wild bohemian home in the following slides. 

1/6 :Entry gate

Before even glimpsing the house itself, visitors get a sense of Fisher's whimsical aesthetic at the entry gate. Featuring lavender paint and signs that read "BEWARE OF TRAINS," "PUBLIC TELEPHONE WITHIN" and "BEWARE OF CRABS," in addition to an oversize pair of scissors and a Havana Club poster, this is clearly no ordinary residence. 

2/6 :Living room

The living room is cozy and eclectic, crowned by a chandelier that cradles a gingham-shirted doll and draped strings of lights. Vibrant shag rugs and a fuschia armchair (accessorized by a cool graphic pillow) make the space inviting, and antique-looking figurines, lamps and art infuse it with even more charm.

3/6 :Den

Even this little nook is bursting with personality, boasting a beautiful stained glass window (which Fisher's friend reportedly made), a neon-lit birdcage and painting, an antique clock, an embroidered love seat and plenty of intriguing tchotchkes on the shelves next to it.

4/6 :Bedroom

Saturated, splashy colors were clearly a trademark of Fisher's, and her bedroom is a prime example. Purple walls set the backdrop for an epic, towering headboard that features a neon-lit border and what looks like another stained glass window. Imagine waking up to that sparkling chandelier, golden tapestry-like curtains, regal blue bench and kaleidoscopic shag rug — who would need caffeine?

5/6 :Workout room

This is easily the most unusual and fun workout room we've ever spotted. Patterned walls and richly hued curtains give the area a playful vibe, and one-of-a-kind accents make the space uniquely Fisher's. (Check out the Star Wars upholstered wooden chair and the throw rug that says "NAVAJO SHOPPING ___  ___" — we can't make out those last two words.)

6/6 :Canyon roads

Even the landscaping along the dirt road to Fisher's mansion feels unique to her. The trees appear to feature decorative animal figurines (a fish? a crab?), and small, colorful mushroom statues dot the roadside. If you're feeling nostalgic for Fisher, take heart. The family may allow tour groups to visit her home in the future — wouldn't that be a trip.