27 of the Most Inspiring Pictures From International Women's Day Around the World

by Justina Huddleston
Mar 9, 2017 at 11:30 a.m. ET

Yesterday, Wednesday, March 8, people around the world celebrated International Women's Day. This year, many women's ways of commemorating the holiday were by participating in the Day Without Women strike, which took place in cities around the world.

Women marched and rallied, protesting the inequality that still plagues women of all ages, races and backgrounds. These are some of the best pictures from the day.

1 /27: Lady Liberty

1/27 :Lady Liberty

The Day Without Women was kicked off when the Statue of Liberty went dark the night before the rallies.

2 /27: Boston, Massachusetts

2/27 :Boston, Massachusetts

From the rally at the Massachusetts State House.

3 /27: Let their voices be heard

3/27 :Let their voices be heard

The leaders of the Day Without Women rally in New York City.

4/27 :Modern icon

A protestor in New York holds a now-iconic sign during the International Women's Day rally.

5 /27: Girl's best friend

5/27 :Girl's best friend

This dog gets it!

6 /27: Civil disobedience

6/27 :Civil disobedience

Organizers of the women's march and NYC Day Without Women rally were arrested for an act of civil disobedience.

7 /27: Chicago, Illinois

7/27 :Chicago, Illinois

A Chicago business closed for the Women's Day strike. 

8 /27: Artwork is women's work

8/27 :Artwork is women's work

A protestor in Washington, D.C.

9 /27: Lima, Peru

9/27 :Lima, Peru

Women rally in Lima, Peru.

10 /27: Supergirl

10/27 :Supergirl

Teaching the next generation their worth.

11 /27: Hungry for change

11/27 :Hungry for change

This sign-holder isn't afraid to flip the conversation.

12 /27: Wonder Woman

12/27 :Wonder Woman

A superhero in the making in Chicago.

13 /27: Fearless Girl

13/27 :Fearless Girl

This statue by Kristen Vishal was erected in a face-off against the NYC Wall Street Bull.

14 /27: London, England

14/27 :London, England

Women's Day marchers in London.

15/27 :ReSisters

Our future is strong.

16 /27: Montevideo, Uruguay

16/27 :Montevideo, Uruguay

A Women's Day rally takes place in the capital of Uruguay.

17/27 :Madrid

Marching in Madrid.

18 /27: Rain or shine

18/27 :Rain or shine

Clouds couldn't stop these women from marching.

19 /27: Oakland, California

19/27 :Oakland, California

Oakland strikers spelled out their mission with a can't-miss sign

20/27 :Red coats

The organizers of the Women's March lead the crowds at the Day Without Women rally in New York.

21 /27: Protest art

21/27 :Protest art

These signs spotted in NYC turn protest into art.

22 /27: Neutrality is not an option

22/27 :Neutrality is not an option

Protesting in Washington, D.C.

23 /27: Rosario, Argentina

23/27 :Rosario, Argentina

International Women's Day rally in Argentina.

24 /27: Santiago, Chile

24/27 :Santiago, Chile

A march in Santiago, Chile

25/27 :Superdog

This pup supports all women.

26 /27: São Paulo, Brazil

26/27 :São Paulo, Brazil

A rally in Brazil.

27 /27: Straight to the point

27/27 :Straight to the point

Sometimes, a simple sign gets the message across just fine.