18 Easy Ways to Create a Stylish, Sophisticated Nursery

by Justina Huddleston
Mar 8, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. ET

Nurseries can present a decorating challenge. You want the space to feel playful and soothing, but don't want to have to redecorate completely as your child gets older.

That's why we tapped Donna Garlough, style director for Joss & Main and Wayfair, for advice on creating a nursery that's child-friendly and easy on the eyes for adults. Between these aspirational photos and Garlough's advice, you'll be ready to design your own nursery. 

1 /18: Minimal themes

1/18 :Minimal themes

Steer clear of cartoonish themes so "pieces can be phased out one by one if they start to feel too youthful," says Garlough. 

2 /18: Accent wall

2/18 :Accent wall

An accent wall can make a nursery "feel very chic, even if there is a crib and a ton of toys in the space."

3 /18: Look to nature

3/18 :Look to nature

Natural themes (like cacti) are easier to match with modern decor and are conveniently gender-neutral. 

4 /18: Accent rugs

4/18 :Accent rugs

Accent rugs serve two purposes: they make a bold visual statement and keep the floor soft for crawling babies.

5 /18: Use distressed wood

5/18 :Use distressed wood

Distressed wood furniture can "Take a beating," says Garlough, so you don't have to be too worried about it.

6 /18: Comfy seating

6/18 :Comfy seating

You don't have to have a rocker — just look for a cozy chair you'll be able to sit in for long periods.

7 /18: Graphic art

7/18 :Graphic art

Bold, high-contrast images will keep babies' attention and give the room a bright, modern look.

8 /18: Go geometric

8/18 :Go geometric

Geometric patterns are both fun and modern, adding a streamlined yet whimsical look to this nursery.

9 /18: Splurge on window treatments

9/18 :Splurge on window treatments

Curtains and blinds that keep the room dark will help your baby sleep at night, says Garlough. 

10 /18: Vintage-modern vibes

10/18 :Vintage-modern vibes

Paint a secondhand or vintage dresser and top it with a cushion for a custom-made changing table

11 /18: Go dark

11/18 :Go dark

Kids' rooms don't have to be pastel. This room uses dark colors and a subtle nature theme to great effect.

12 /18: Add color

12/18 :Add color

Brighten up plain white or pastel nursery furniture with bold pops of color.

13 /18: Black and white

13/18 :Black and white

Black and white graphics offer high-contrast visual interest for babies and are fun for pattern-mixing.

14 /18: Reupholster

14/18 :Reupholster

New cushion covers, a throw pillow and an accent blanket can give traditional pieces a fresh spin

15 /18: Colorful crib

15/18 :Colorful crib

Paint your crib a bright, modern color instead of a pastel, then pair with subtle pattern-mixing linens. 

16 /18: Modern mobile

16/18 :Modern mobile

Rethink the cutesy mobile and opt for something abstract instead.

17 /18: Bold and gold

17/18 :Bold and gold

A rose gold side table and large black and white prints give this nursery grown-up glamour.

18 /18: More murals

18/18 :More murals

A white and hot pink wall mural is a playful twist on traditional nursery decor.