15 Affordable Ways to Elevate Your Living Room

by Kristen Bousquet
Mar 10, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. ET

If you need a new couch and you're in the market for something elegant, velvet is the way to go. Contrary to what some might say, velvet works during any season. Even better, it only looks fancy. Not only are there tons of affordable options, but it's also kid-friendly (what stains?!). Get in the velvet mood with these images, then shop our top sofa picks.

1 /14: Velvet sofa

1/14 :Velvet sofa

Velvet adds a touch of homeyness and comfort to any room.

2 /14: Velvet sofa

2/14 :Velvet sofa

Melanie Velvet Sofa, $798 at Urban Outfitters

3 /14: Velvet sofa

3/14 :Velvet sofa

If you're not into tufted, plain, smooth velvet still has plenty of texture.

4 /14: Velvet sofa

4/14 :Velvet sofa

Velvet Edlyn Sofa, $2,198 at Anthropologie

5 /14: Velvet sofa

5/14 :Velvet sofa

Fainting sofas are regal-looking and fit well in smaller spaces.

6 /14: Velvet sofa

6/14 :Velvet sofa

Skyline Furniture Mystere Velvet Fabric Chesterfield Loveseat, $586 at Overstock

7 /14: Velvet sofa

7/14 :Velvet sofa

A tufted sofa is bold and glamorous, but still practical.

8 /14: Velvet sofa

8/14 :Velvet sofa

Adeline Storage Sleeper Sofa, $849 at Urban Outfitters

9 /14: Velvet sofa

9/14 :Velvet sofa

Not ready to commit to a full-size sofa? Try a chaise instead.

10 /14: Velvet sofa

10/14 :Velvet sofa

Slub Velvet Gwinnette Chaise, $1398 at Anthropologie

11 /14: Velvet sofa

11/14 :Velvet sofa

You can't go wrong with velvet in rich turquoise or deep blue.

12 /14: Velvet sofa

12/14 :Velvet sofa

Cirrus Pacific Blue Sofa, $999 at Article

13 /14: Velvet sofa

13/14 :Velvet sofa

Velvet in pale, pastel hues and neutrals is subtly elegant.

14 /14: Velvet sofa

14/14 :Velvet sofa

Slub Velvet Leonelle Sofa, $2,798 at Anthropologie