11 Easter Centerpiece Ideas to Add a Touch of Spring to Your Table

by Jessica Hickam
Mar 8, 2018 at 12:50 p.m. ET

Easter means spring, and spring means color, sunshine and flowers in bloom — and we're so ready for it. And our favorite way to fully immerse yourself in the best parts of the season is to bring the outdoors in, be it in your rooms with vibrant wall art, in the form of pastel-colored tchotchkes or on your dining room table or coffee table with a beautiful centerpiece. For those looking to add a more subtle Easter touch to their home, then the latter is the perfect option for you — and we have plenty of Easter centerpiece ideas for you to choose from.

These elegant and fun centerpieces are something the entire family can create together. From a robin's egg vase strictly using items found at the dollar store to a creative cupcake tower perfect for displaying all your colored Easter eggs, here are 11 DIY centerpieces you'll love.

A version of this article was originally published in April 2017.

1 /12: Speckled Eggs and Apple Blossoms

1/12 :Speckled Eggs and Apple Blossoms

Don't be fooled by this intricate centerpiece. It'll take you all of five minutes to create.

2 /12: Creative Cupcake Tower

2/12 :Creative Cupcake Tower

Use a cupcake stand with some fake moss to display all of your colored Easter eggs.

3 /12: Grow Some Wheatgrass

3/12 :Grow Some Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is easy to grow and even easier to use as a home decoration. (Note: Don't forget to plant it early.)

4 /12: Flower Box Centerpiece

4/12 :Flower Box Centerpiece

Plant different greens for a centerpiece, and finish it off with some colored eggs for the perfect spring look.

5 /12: Peter Rabbit

5/12 :Peter Rabbit

Bring the classic tale of Peter Rabbit into your home with this storytelling centerpiece. 

6 /12: White Spring

6/12 :White Spring

Keep it classy by adding book pages to your tabletop decor for a clean, unique scheme. 

7 /12: Classic Egg Tree

7/12 :Classic Egg Tree

The classic egg tree looks even better when surrounded by your spring plates.

8 /12: Egg Bouquet

8/12 :Egg Bouquet

Want a pop of color? This is how it’s done.

9 /12: Lemons and Tulips

9/12 :Lemons and Tulips

Swap out the lemons in this centerpiece for eggs if you want, or go citrus for spring.

10 /12: Crazy for Carrots

10/12 :Crazy for Carrots

Get a large cylindrical vase, toss in carrots and top it all off with daisies. So easy!

11 /12: Whimsical Egg Shells

11/12 :Whimsical Egg Shells

This designer recommends using temporary tattoos for the faces, but you can also draw them on yourself.

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