18 Colorful Spring Kitchens That'll Inspire You to Brighten Up Your Own

Mar 16, 2018 at 3:15 p.m. ET
blue colorful kitchen with cupcakes
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If there's one room that should be bright, open and happy, it's your kitchen. Aside from your living room, it's probably where you spend most of your time. From hosting brunch and holidays with the family to spending quality time with your S.O. making dinner together every night, it's one of the most social rooms of your home. So why not give it a facelift this year? Luckily for you, we have plenty of colorful spring kitchen ideas.

For those a little hesitant to add color to your space, we completely understand. It can be a scary step! Because what if you hate it? For home-renovating newbies, start small and add colorful pops via decor or kitchen appliances. Buy some funky, bright mugs; choose a pots-and-pans collection in a wild color; or add a long, vibrant rug.

For those willing to take a bigger leap, we have everything from mint-green wallpaper to yellow cabinets and ceilings. You can even extend your colorful backsplash to the floor! Your options are seemingly endless.

Are you ready for it? Here are 18 kitchens to give you inspiration and our product picks and paint samples to help you pull them off.

A version of this article was originally published in March 2017.

1/37 :Pops of Blue

2 /37: Baby Blue Tea Kettle

2/37 :Baby Blue Tea Kettle

3 /37: Hide a Colorful Surprise in the Cabinets

3/37 :Hide a Colorful Surprise in the Cabinets

4 /37: Thai Teal

4/37 :Thai Teal

5 /37: A Bold Table

5/37 :A Bold Table

6 /37: Swap Out the Chairs

6/37 :Swap Out the Chairs

7 /37: Slightly Darker Hues

7/37 :Slightly Darker Hues

8 /37: Bright Red Pots & Pans

8/37 :Bright Red Pots & Pans

9 /37: Look to the Floor

9/37 :Look to the Floor

10 /37: A Rug Worth Staring At

10/37 :A Rug Worth Staring At

11/37 :Add Plants

12 /37: Succulents FTW

12/37 :Succulents FTW

13 /37: A Splash of Color

13/37 :A Splash of Color

14/37 :Go Geo

15 /37: Multicolor Stained-Glass

15/37 :Multicolor Stained-Glass

16 /37: Bright Wall Art

16/37 :Bright Wall Art

17 /37: Make Sure It Pops

17/37 :Make Sure It Pops

18 /37: Bright & Functional

18/37 :Bright & Functional

19 /37: More Yellow

19/37 :More Yellow

20 /37: The Perfect Shade of Yellow

20/37 :The Perfect Shade of Yellow

21 /37: A Bright Tile Floor

21/37 :A Bright Tile Floor

22 /37: Mosaic Floor Tile

22/37 :Mosaic Floor Tile

23 /37: Bold Backsplash

23/37 :Bold Backsplash

24 /37: A Subtler Shade

24/37 :A Subtler Shade

25 /37: Eye-Grabbing Wallpaper

25/37 :Eye-Grabbing Wallpaper

26 /37: Go Green

26/37 :Go Green

27/37 :Go Monochromatic

28 /37: Pick a Shade of Green

28/37 :Pick a Shade of Green

29 /37: Mix & Match

29/37 :Mix & Match

30 /37: Tick-Tock

30/37 :Tick-Tock

31 /37: Draw the Eyes Up, Down, All Around

31/37 :Draw the Eyes Up, Down, All Around

32 /37: A Touch of Pink

32/37 :A Touch of Pink

33 /37: Swap Out the Countertops

33/37 :Swap Out the Countertops

34 /37: Marvelous Marble

34/37 :Marvelous Marble

35 /37: Warm or Cool Tones

35/37 :Warm or Cool Tones

36 /37: Swap Out the Bar Stools

36/37 :Swap Out the Bar Stools

37 /37: Pin It!

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37/37 :Pin It!