20 Home Offices That Strike a Work-Life Balance

by Justina Huddleston
Jan 17, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. ET

Working from home is no joke, and these office spaces are professional without looking corporate.

1 /19: Wrap-around standing desk

1/19 :Wrap-around standing desk

Standing or sitting, this multi-use space is perfect whether working or enjoying a book with some coffee.

2 /19: Furry and functional

2/19 :Furry and functional

A fur throw and carpet make this space feel cozy, while the clutter-free desk and bright light make it workable.

3 /19: Black, white and green

3/19 :Black, white and green

This organized black and white space is strictly professional, but a green vine helps give it life.

4 /19: Wall desk

4/19 :Wall desk

The slender profile of this desk makes for an unobtrusive workspace that's still set apart enough to focus.

5 /19: Updated executive

5/19 :Updated executive

Feel like a big-time exec in your own home with an elegant chair that faces a few seats for clients or guests.

6 /19: Art wall

6/19 :Art wall

Art hangs above and to the sides of this desk, helping it blend with the rest of the room.

7/19 :Behind the couch

Tucked behind the couch, this home studio's clipboards double as wall art for the whole room.

8 /19: Wallpaper wildflowers

8/19 :Wallpaper wildflowers

Gorgeous floral wallpaper and rose-gold accents keep this workspace feeling soft and lovely.

9 /19: Bohemian vibes

9/19 :Bohemian vibes

A bright bohemian rug, fur throw and large cactus keep this workspace from looking too sterile.

10 /19: Bright and calm

10/19 :Bright and calm

Between the window and pale pink chair, this is a calming workspace anyone would feel at home in.

11 /19: Center of attention

11/19 :Center of attention

This plant-filled workspace floats away from the wall, giving you plenty of space to work (or play!). 

12 /19: Treehouse office

12/19 :Treehouse office

Want to work from home without distraction? Relocate to a treehouse, like this whimsical office!

13 /19: Dark glamour

13/19 :Dark glamour

Dark walls and lush florals make for a workspace where you can sip cocktails and file invoices.

14 /19: Window working

14/19 :Window working

This bright workspace is tucked into a nook away from the rest of the house with a view that will inspire.

15 /19: Room for two

15/19 :Room for two

What to do when you both work from home? This small but organized room has the answer.

16 /19: Modern, refined

16/19 :Modern, refined

You won't find ugly office supplies here — everything was selected to fit with the rest of the living room.

17 /19: Bright and moody

17/19 :Bright and moody

Bright whites and lots of neutrals make this peaceful workspace feel like an extension of the rest of the room.

18 /19: Grid board organization

18/19 :Grid board organization

Keep organized at your desk with a DIY grid board - this one contrasts beautifully with colorful memos.

19 /19: Bright midcentury modern

19/19 :Bright midcentury modern

With space for two, who wouldn't want to work from this bright, streamlined office with pops of color?