18 Ways to Make the Cool Mixed-Patterns Look Work in Your Home

by Justina Huddleston
Feb 15, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. ET

Mixing patterns is something a lot of pro interior designers do with ease, but it can be challenging to make it work in your own home. How do you combine patterns in a room without making it feel like a kaleidoscope threw up? Interior designer James Tabb of Laurel & Wolf has some advice.

"When designing an eclectic space, I like to mix complementary rather than synonymous colors, patterns and textures," he says. "This ensures the individual pieces don't compete with each other, but work to create a seamless, effortlessly curated space."

Get more of his advice in the next few slides, followed by a lot of pretty, pattern-mixing inspiration for your next room reboot.

1 /18: One color at a time

1/18 :One color at a time

If you're hesitant about mixing patterns, try adding pops of one color to a more neutral palette. 

2 /18: Match the walls

2/18 :Match the walls

These patterned pillows brighten up a neutral couch, while subtly matching the colorful art on the walls.

3 /18: Pretty pillows

3/18 :Pretty pillows

"In this living room a variety of complementary pillows are used through a mix of stripes, solids and geometrics to create an overall eclectic look," says Tabb.

4 /18: Balanced blues

4/18 :Balanced blues

"Another way to create a seamless look while mixing patterns is to keep the color palette monochromic. For example, this living room mixes and matches different patterns, but staying within the blue color family."

5 /18: Rosy rugs

5/18 :Rosy rugs

Can't you just imagine how lovely a few of these patterned rugs would look layered in a neutral living room? 

6 /18: Go with the flow

6/18 :Go with the flow

Green patterns in the living room pop against a rosy bedroom in this bright, open-concept apartment. 

7 /18: Colorful couch

7/18 :Colorful couch

A printed couch makes a perfect pair with this brightly patterned area rug.

8/18 :Wallpaper

The patterned wallpaper in this nursery acts as a neutral, pairing perfectly with colorful patterned pillows.

9 /18: Rugs and throws

9/18 :Rugs and throws

A bright rug and a patterned throw in a contrasting color work surprisingly well in this space.

10 /18: Beautiful blankets

10/18 :Beautiful blankets

Display colorful, mixed-pattern quilts on a rack to add some cozy vibes to your favorite room.

11 /18: Heavenly headboard

11/18 :Heavenly headboard

A patterned headboard, white bedspread and accent pillows make for a colorful, serene bedroom. 

12 /18: Crazy curtains

12/18 :Crazy curtains

This room balances textured, solid curtain panels with some bolder prints while staying in the same color family.

13 /18: Birds of a feather

13/18 :Birds of a feather

A playful throw pillow ties in a bold-patterned wallpaper with the rest of the decor in this room.

14 /18: Go dark

14/18 :Go dark

Pairing a rich, dark patterned piece like this rug with a brighter accent (leopard print, anyone?) is a win.

15 /18: Going green

15/18 :Going green

A textured green couch acts like a neutral in this colorful, multi-patterned sitting area.

16/18 :Nursery decor

This picture shows how well bold pattern-mixing works in a nursery as long as the colors are kept in check.

17 /18: Take a seat

17/18 :Take a seat

A bold patterned chair both contrasts and complements a bright area rug in this room. 

18 /18: Pin it!

18/18 :Pin it!