21 very cool gifts for your ‘adulting' kid’s first home

by Justina Huddleston
Nov 18, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. ET

From basic necessities to little luxuries, these gifts are perfect for any young adult's first home.

1 /23: Throw blankets

1/23 :Throw blankets

cozy throw blanket can go a long way to making a first apartment feel like home. (The Company Store, $89)

2 /23: Floor pillows

2/23 :Floor pillows

A first apartment might not have space for extra seating, but floor pillows do the trick. (Urban Outfitters, $39) 

3 /23: Throw pillows

3/23 :Throw pillows

Jazz up an economy couch or easy chair with some subtly colorful throw pillows. (Urban Outfitters, $39)

4 /23: Lighting

4/23 :Lighting

Overhead lighting can be harsh, but a nice lamp here and there can make a big difference. (Target, $29)

5 /23: Coasters

5/23 :Coasters

Give a set of sophisticated coasters because we're too old now for sad cup rings on the table. (CB2, $30)

6 /23: Curtains

6/23 :Curtains

Hide ugly blinds and shades with some statement curtains that add personality to a room. (ModCloth, $35)

7 /23: Trinket dishes

7/23 :Trinket dishes

These dishes are perfect for organizing office supplies, jewelry and makeup. (Anthropologie, $10 – $18)

8 /23: Cool prints from Artfinder

8/23 :Cool prints from Artfinder

No more posters tacked to the wall. Time for some real art, like these charming prints. Artfinder has over 250,000 pieces of original artwork from 8,000 artists to choose from. Prices start at $25 and there's a money back guarantee. Check out their holiday shop for gift ideas.

9 /23: Picture frames

9/23 :Picture frames

Matching frames will make family photos and artwork look cohesive and add life to blank walls. (Walmart, $17) 

10 /23: Nice sheets

10/23 :Nice sheets

It's time to throw away the twin X-long linens in favor of something really cozy. (L.L. Bean, $130)

11 /23: Cocoon mattress by Sealy

11/23 :Cocoon mattress by Sealy

Place this This mattress-in-a-box next to the Christmas tree for a welcome surprise. The mattress rolls out and it fills up to full size. Cocoon let SheKnows try one of these babies out and we were impressed by the quality. Oprah put it on her Favorite Things list. So now, if you use the discount code OPRAH to buy the Cocoon by Sealy you can get $100 off any mattress through Dec. 31, 2016. The discount applies to any size, soft or firm, with or without chill cooling technology

12 /23: Scented oil diffuser

12/23 :Scented oil diffuser

Necessary? No. But it sure will make a house smell and feel more like home. (Amazon, $18)

13 /23: Bar tool set

13/23 :Bar tool set

Time for that grad to put down the PBR and start mixing up something a little more refined with this bar tool set. (CB2, $50) 

14 /23: Coffeemaker

14/23 :Coffeemaker

Nothing's better than making good coffee at home, and a French press makes a great cup. (Amazon, $20)

15 /23: Storage shelves

15/23 :Storage shelves

For the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, you can't go wrong with well-designed storage. (Urban Outfitters, $29)

16 /23: Easy-care plants

16/23 :Easy-care plants

This tree adds life to any room, is easy to care for and allegedly brings financial luck. (Amazon, $21)

17 /23: Tool kit

17/23 :Tool kit

For home repairs small and large, a tool kit is essential. (Amazon, $40)

18 /23: First-aid kit

18/23 :First-aid kit

There's no nurse on hand when you've got a place of your own — this kit is a must. (Amazon, $18)

19 /23: A nice shower curtain

19/23 :A nice shower curtain

It's time to ditch that periodic table of elements or world map curtain and opt for this. (Target, $16)

20 /23: Hand towels

20/23 :Hand towels

Nothing says, "I have no idea what I'm doing," like the absence of a hand towel in the bathroom. (CB2, $7)

21 /23: Guest towels

21/23 :Guest towels

Time to graduate from that one random beach towel to a set of matching bath towels. (Anthropologie, $36)

22 /23: Bathtub wine glass holder

22/23 :Bathtub wine glass holder

Face it — being an adult is hard. This gift can make those bad days seem just a little bit better. (Etsy, $10)

23 /23: 21 very cool gifts for your ‘adulting' kid’s first home

23/23 :21 very cool gifts for your ‘adulting' kid’s first home