Jackie & John F. Kennedy's Ranch Is a Total Time Capsule

by Lashanda Anakwah
May 30, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET

If you're obsessed with the Kennedys (and who isn't), then you're definitely going to want to get a load of the historic Wexford estate, their ranch designed by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, herself. 

The property, which is located just outside of Middleburg, Virginia, has virtually been untouched by the hands of time — and for the low price of $3,999,000, it can be yours. Hey, that's actually down quite a bit from the $10.995 million it was originally priced at when it went on the market in 2013!

OK, so most of us aren't going to be moving into this iconic piece of American history any time soon, but at least we can look at the pictures. 

Originally published September 2016. Updated May 2017.

1 /12: The sitting room

1/12 :The sitting room

Can't you just picture Jackie and JFK sitting in here having tea and a chat?

2 /12: The red room

2/12 :The red room

We never knew different shades of red worked so well together. 

3 /12: Stately halls

3/12 :Stately halls

There's something about this hallway we can't put our finger on. It just looks important.  

4 /12: Not afraid of florals

4/12 :Not afraid of florals

A cozy bedroom with temptingly bouncy-looking beds. 

5 /12: Intimate kitchen

5/12 :Intimate kitchen

This kitchen looks super-functional. 

6 /12: Everyone needs two kitchens

6/12 :Everyone needs two kitchens

There are two kitchens. Two kitchens!

7 /12: Bedroom with a view

7/12 :Bedroom with a view

Wall-sized windows really make all the difference. Look at that view!

8 /12: Cool pool

8/12 :Cool pool

A pool you never, ever want to leave. 

9 /12: Wide-open fields

9/12 :Wide-open fields

Look at all this land. There's plenty of room for horseback riding, which, fun fact, Onassis loved.

10 /12: Stone walkways

10/12 :Stone walkways

This flagstone walkway probably leads to an enchanted forest. Probably. 

11 /12: Of course there's a pond

11/12 :Of course there's a pond

Did we forget to mention there's a pond on the property? Welp!

12 /12: Bucolic bliss

12/12 :Bucolic bliss

This picture looks like a painting but it is very real.