16 Bathroom Essentials You Should Have Your Home

Jun 11, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. ET
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You know how people say your bathroom is a sanctuary? That's because it is, and you should absolutely treat it as such. Think about it: You spend so much time in that room — taking showers or baths, brushing your teeth, washing your face, putting on your makeup, doing your hair... So why wouldn't you want to fully stock your bathroom? No, we aren't talking about stocking up on toilet paper or Q-tips; and no, we aren't going so extreme as to suggest nonessentials like dual bidets or a heated toilet seat. Come on.

We're talking bathroom essentials, the basics: a hand towel to use when wiping your hands, a bath rug for when you're stepping out of the shower, a vanity mirror — a freaking trash can, for Pete's sake.

So, without further ado, here's our list of 16 bathroom essentials, including everything you'd need from bathing and extra storage to cleaning supplies you should always have on hand.

1 /16: Hand Towels

1/16 :Hand Towels

2 /16: Magazine Rack

2/16 :Magazine Rack

3 /16: Quality Bath Towels

Anthropologie Marcela towel collection
Image: Anthropologie

3/16 :Quality Bath Towels

4 /16: Shower Curtain

4/16 :Shower Curtain

5 /16: Trash Can

5/16 :Trash Can

6 /16: Toothbrush Holder

6/16 :Toothbrush Holder

7 /16: Bath Mat

7/16 :Bath Mat

8 /16: Massaging Shower Head

8/16 :Massaging Shower Head

9 /16: Bathroom Cleaner

9/16 :Bathroom Cleaner

10 /16: Magnifying Mirror

10/16 :Magnifying Mirror

11 /16: Plunger

11/16 :Plunger

12 /16: Toilet Brush

12/16 :Toilet Brush

13 /16: Nonslip Bath Mat

13/16 :Nonslip Bath Mat

14 /16: Hand Soap

14/16 :Hand Soap

15 /16: Shower Caddy

15/16 :Shower Caddy

16 /16: Storage

16/16 :Storage