20 Bathroom Essentials Every Household Needs

by Becky Bracken
Jan 30, 2017 at 3:00 a.m. ET

When it comes to furnishing and decorating our homes, bathrooms don't always get the attention they deserve. Considering all the time we spend in there bathing, pampering, grooming and doing other things, it really is important to make the space more of a sanctuary and less of place where we just do our business. 

But then again, it's a fine line between having a thoughtfully stocked, stylish bathroom and a bathroom that's overloaded with a ton of non-essentials like dual bidets and a heated toilet seat. 

We've whittled it down to the basics, with just the right amount of accoutrements thrown in to make it functional and a little bit fabulous. We know everyone has different requirements and preferences when it comes to this very sacred space, but use this as a guide to get you started.

Originally published May 2016. Updated January 2017.

1 /20: Hand towels

1/20 :Hand towels

Don't make guests dry their hands on your towel you've already rubbed who-knows-where. (West Elm, $19) 

2 /20: Magazine rack

2/20 :Magazine rack

Reading on the toilet never looked so dignified. This rack does double duty as a TP holder. (Wayfair, $66) 

3 /20: Nice bath towels

3/20 :Nice bath towels

Throw away the ones your mom handed down and get a nice set of bathroom towels. (Horchow, $54) 

4 /20: Pretty shower curtain

4/20 :Pretty shower curtain

The plastic ones are fine in college, but every grownup should have a pretty shower curtain. (Pottery Barn, $79) 

5 /20: Vanity makeup lighting

5/20 :Vanity makeup lighting

Get bright strand lights that go around your mirror to light up your face like Wrigley Field. (Amazon, $43)

6 /20: Trash can

6/20 :Trash can

You use that trash can constantly, so get a cute one like this mod crumpled little cutie. (All Modern $49) 

7 /20: Toothbrush holder

7/20 :Toothbrush holder

A cup just tips over too easily. Get a good toothbrush holder that makes you happy. (Bed Bath & Beyond, $20) 

8 /20: Bath rug

8/20 :Bath rug

Drip dry on something pretty and keep from slipping and breaking your leg at the same time. (JCPenney, $25) 

9 /20: Massaging shower head

9/20 :Massaging shower head

I promise you'll never regret buying a massaging shower head. Treat yo' self and thank me later. (Home Depot, $26) 

10 /20: Bathroom cleaner

10/20 :Bathroom cleaner

A good all-purpose bathroom cleaner is imperative to have on hand. (Walmart, $4) 

11 /20: Magnifying mirror

11/20 :Magnifying mirror

A wall mirror cannot help you pluck chin hairs. Get a magnifying mirror for all sorts of important jobs. (Wayfair, $86) 

12 /20: Plunger

12/20 :Plunger

Take it from me, when you need a plunger, you don't want to have to go looking for it. (simplehuman, $30) 

13 /20: Toilet brush

13/20 :Toilet brush

You might as well get a toilet brush that's super-fashionable, right? (Design Within Reach, $199) 

14 /20: No-slip bath mat

14/20 :No-slip bath mat

Keep slips and falls to a minimum with a cute bath mat. (Target, $8) 

15 /20: Hand soap

15/20 :Hand soap

Because grownups actually wash their hands, get hand soap that smells pretty. (Mrs. Meyer's, $4) 

16 /20: Bluetooth shower speaker

16/20 :Bluetooth shower speaker

Tunes are a good thing in the bathroom — this bluetooth speaker will play from your phone. (Stein Mart, $30) 

17 /20: Shower shampoo holder

17/20 :Shower shampoo holder

When the side of the tub is overflowing, get a tension rod holder to keep things tidy. (The Container Store, $129) 

18 /20: Storage

18/20 :Storage

Cut clutter with smart bathroom storage like this stool where you can stash towels or whatever. (Ikea, $40) 

19 /20: Window coverings

19/20 :Window coverings

Invest in good window coverings that will stand up to steam and water, like vinyl. (Overstock, starting at $63) 

20 /20: Deodorizer

20/20 :Deodorizer

Because sometimes nature calls at the same time as guests. Have a deodorizer on hand. (Poo-Pourri, $10)