19 DIY desk ideas to inspire a home office makeover

by Anna Burke
Mar 31, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. ET

Your home office should be a welcoming, productive environment, but for many of us that simply isn't the case. Let's face it — our home offices get messy. Without coworkers looking over our shoulders, we let things slide. Sometimes, we don't even bother with a desk at all and choose to work from the couch instead. If your desk situation isn't working out, don't go out and buy a new home office suite. Grab your tools, roll up your sleeves, and try one of these DIY desk ideas.

1 /19: The apple crate desk

1/19 :The apple crate desk

This beautiful wood pallet and apple crate upcycled desk combines rustic charm with a clean, neat feel.

2 /19: The door desk

2/19 :The door desk

The simplest DIY door desk design out there is probably the "door desk."

3 /19: The antique door desk

3/19 :The antique door desk

For a twist on the door desk, cut a sheet of glass and lay it over an antique door. 

4 /19: The corner desk

4/19 :The corner desk

Build a DIY corner desk out of reclaimed wood and enjoy your vast new workspace.

5 /19: The wood pallet desk

5/19 :The wood pallet desk

Wood pallets are free and make great repurposed desks with minimal effort on your part.

6 /19: The stylish pallet desk

6/19 :The stylish pallet desk

For a classier touch, add a glass top to your pallet desk design and sand down the pallets to avoid splinters.

7 /19: The fancy pallet desk

7/19 :The fancy pallet desk

A little stain and a few drawers set this pallet desk apart from the competition.

8 /19: The pallet office makeover

8/19 :The pallet office makeover

Don't stop at a desk — build your entire home office out of pallets and save yourself a bundle on home decor.

9 /19: The equestrian's desk

9/19 :The equestrian's desk

Let out your inner horse lover with this beautiful DIY horse-themed desk design.

10 /19: The traveler's desk

10/19 :The traveler's desk

Inspire yourself by adding a map of the world to your existing desktop.

11 /19: The ladder desk

11/19 :The ladder desk

This ladder desk design saves space and is easy to build.

12 /19: The driver's seat

12/19 :The driver's seat

Take the wheel with this awesome car desk.

13 /19: The classic ride desk

13/19 :The classic ride desk

You'll cruise through your workload in this classic beauty.

14 /19: The tiny folding desk

14/19 :The tiny folding desk

Folding desks make perfect solutions for small office spaces.

15 /19: The book lover's desk

15/19 :The book lover's desk

Find a home for old books with this book lover's dream desk design.

16 /19: The active worker's desk

16/19 :The active worker's desk

Sitting is the new smoking, so keep moving with this DIY treadmill desk.

17 /19: The rustic retreat desk

17/19 :The rustic retreat desk

Embrace your wild side with a rustic DIY desk for your office or weekend retreat.

18 /19: The music lover's desk

18/19 :The music lover's desk

Compose your next hit or just enjoy the drama of working from your very own piano desk.

19 /19: The nature lover's desk

19/19 :The nature lover's desk

Bring the outdoors indoors to help you relax by incorporating natural materials into your desk.