12 Easter Crafts That Put a New Spin on an Old Tradition

by Jana Randall
Mar 31, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. ET

Who doesn't love Easter eggs? Coloring eggs is a seasonal must, but putting a new spin on an old classic turns plain old Easter eggs into pretty spring decor.

Get ready for some springtime DIY — these Easter egg crafts are so much fun for you and the kids.

Originally published March 2016. Updated March 2017.

1 /12: Framed salutation

1/12 :Framed salutation

It won't even take a dozen eggs to make this adorable framed salutation to greet your Easter guests. 

2 /12: Salt dough ornaments

2/12 :Salt dough ornaments

Involve the whole fam in your Easter decor craft sesh with egg-shaped salt dough ornaments

3 /12: Carrot cascarone

3/12 :Carrot cascarone

An egg doesn't have to remain an egg with these fun carrot cascarones

4 /12: Button craft

4/12 :Button craft

Anything button related is a great craft for kids to create, especially something as simple as this colorful egg

5 /12: Eggshell centerpiece

5/12 :Eggshell centerpiece

Once you make this egg-cellent centerpiece, you'll never want to toss another eggshell again. 

6 /12: Burlap Easter basket

6/12 :Burlap Easter basket

Put all of your Easter eggs in one basket with this crafty burlap creation

7/12 :Egg garland

Display all of your hard work by hanging your colored eggs on this charming garland

8 /12: Egg nest wreath

8/12 :Egg nest wreath

It isn't a craft roundup without the token DIY burlap wreath, and this one is adorned with a cutesy egg nest. 

9 /12: Paper strip egg

9/12 :Paper strip egg

Make use of your excess scrapbook strips by crafting a cutesy framed egg

10 /12: Egg topiary

10/12 :Egg topiary

There's no need to leave an egg Styrofoam topiary one boring shade — jazz it up with colorful ribbons.

11 /12: Egg placeholders

11/12 :Egg placeholders

Craft a sweet placeholder and gift all in one for your Easter guests using a plastic egg and planter. 

12 /12: Shabby chic floral arrangement

12/12 :Shabby chic floral arrangement

Who thought eggs in a basket could be so beautiful? This craft is worthy of staying up year-round.