18 Wallpapers that add depth to your tiny room

by Nadine Avola
Feb 1, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. ET

There are lots of ways you can make a small room seem bigger — and wallpaper is one of them. (Etsy, $430)

1 /17: Wintry landscape

1/17 :Wintry landscape

This snowy scene quickly takes you from indoors to outdoors in zero seconds flat. (Etsy, $448)

2 /17: Birch forest

2/17 :Birch forest

This woodsy wallscape gives the illusion of depth from the layering of trees. (Art Fire, $40)

3 /17: Vintage skyline

3/17 :Vintage skyline

Loud, bold statements, like these vintage buildings, will catch anyone's eye — and imagination. (Etsy, $259)

4 /17: City view

4/17 :City view

The geometry of this wallpaper creates depth, having the occupant think the wall is farther away. (Etsy, $39)

5 /17: Country village

5/17 :Country village

Intricate scenes, like on this wallpaper, make your guests notice the design — not the wall itself. (Etsy, $81)

6 /17: All aboard!

6/17 :All aboard!

Murals like these use perspective to draw the room's occupant deeper into the scene. (Houzz, $244)

7 /17: Cloudy day

7/17 :Cloudy day

By wallpapering with clouds, guests won't even think about how small the room actually is. (Houzz, $100)

8 /17: Drift away

8/17 :Drift away

Or, try a wallpaper like this, where the clouds and birds insinuate a deep background behind them. (Houzz, $165)

9 /17: Dandelion blooms

9/17 :Dandelion blooms

The blossoms in this wallpaper seem to float in space, which makes your wall appear deeper than it is. (Etsy, $55)

10 /17: Room with a view

10/17 :Room with a view

Wake up to the view of the Eiffel Tower every morning — or, at least, make yourself think that. (Houzz, $120)

11 /17: Oceanside

11/17 :Oceanside

With a scene like this one, your eyes and mind will travel to a place far, far away. (Etsy, $50)

12 /17: Swaying palms

12/17 :Swaying palms

The layered palms give the illusion of a screen where space pokes through. (Etsy, $36)

13 /17: Tropical vines

13/17 :Tropical vines

These multicolored vines pile on top of each other, giving off a three-dimensional feel. (Houzz, $44)

14 /17: Bold and beautiful

14/17 :Bold and beautiful

Here some objects are larger, appearing closer, while others are smaller and seem farther away. (Houzz, $108)

15 /17: Put it in perspective

15/17 :Put it in perspective

Horizontal stripes can make your room seem deeper and longer. (Graham & Brown, $75)

16 /17: Optical illusion

16/17 :Optical illusion

This wallpaper is three dimensional and adds tons of depth to a room. (Wayfair, $2 per square foot)

17 /17: Down the rabbit hole

17/17 :Down the rabbit hole

Or, you can try something like this vertigo wallpaper, which will quickly trick anyone's eye. (Etsy, $25)