15 bathroom organization hacks to bring order to a small space

by Monica Beyer
Feb 19, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Even though your bathroom may be small, it's one of the most frequented rooms in your home. It sees a ton of use, and it's easy to become overwhelmed as you watch the space become crowded and cluttered. Good news, though — there are some pretty amazing ways to keep your clutter under control so your bathroom becomes the serene place it should be. 

1 /15: Small bathroom shelves

1/15 :Small bathroom shelves

Small shelves are a great option for storing those items that tend to clutter up your sinks.

2/15 :DIY bathroom storage

Instead of buying a shoe holder and cutting it down to size, this gal made her on-the-door storage for far cheaper. 

3 /15: Coat hooks towel storage

3/15 :Coat hooks towel storage

Use a traditional set of coat hooks for your towels for a beautiful, yet smart, storage upgrade. 

4 /15: PVC storage hack

4/15 :PVC storage hack

We love how simple and clever these PVC pipe couplings for a curling iron and hair dryer are. 

5 /15: DIY bathroom cabinet

5/15 :DIY bathroom cabinet

Gain some extra storage by building your own bathroom cabinet out of a reclaimed, antique window pane. 

6 /15: Spice rack storage

6/15 :Spice rack storage

These two inexpensive Ikea spice racks are perfect for product storage, especially in a tight space. 

7 /15: Window boxes bathroom storage

7/15 :Window boxes bathroom storage

Small hooks and window baskets make for a charming storage solution. 

8 /15: Hanging basket storage

8/15 :Hanging basket storage

These wire basket crates look amazing and serve as handy storage for all of your bathroom needs. 

9 /15: Under-cabinet storage

9/15 :Under-cabinet storage

Easy to do and it looks fantastic, we love this under-cabinet storage hack. 

10 /15: More under-cabinet storage

10/15 :More under-cabinet storage

Here's another under-counter storage idea, which is perfect if you need to keep moisture out of your stuff. 

11 /15: Magnetic strip storage

11/15 :Magnetic strip storage

Keep all your tiny metal tools from a gloomy drawer with this incredible magnetic strip idea. 

12 /15: Towel rod hanging baskets

12/15 :Towel rod hanging baskets

Here's another way to hang baskets in your bathroom, this time using a towel rod instead of hooks. 

13 /15: Over the door storage

13/15 :Over the door storage

One area of your bathroom that is likely underused is the space above the door. Don't ignore it — put it to work!

14 /15: Simple toothbrush holders

14/15 :Simple toothbrush holders

Simple plastic cups and velcro is all that's needed to keep toothbrushes and toothpaste out of sight. 

15 /15: Ladder towel storage

15/15 :Ladder towel storage

An old ladder can become your new favorite way to store your towels.