20 creative Christmas decorating ideas that give you that magic feeling

by Monica Beyer
Nov 23, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. ET
Image: Jez Timms/Unsplash

Pulling of perfect holiday decor seems daunting, but with a little inspiration, it doesn't have to be.

Originally published December 2015. Updated November 2016.

1 /21: Vintage baubles

1/21 :Vintage baubles

A retro Christmas is instantly classy. Just add a little Bing Crosby on the record player.

2 /21: Christmas at the farmhouse

2/21 :Christmas at the farmhouse

Keep colors classic and add a couple of industrial pieces to create a farmhouse style Joanna Gaines would be proud of.

3 /21: DIY holiday wreath

3/21 :DIY holiday wreath

DIY wreaths are truly better than store-bought — and the Pinterest inspiration for them is endless.

4 /21: Bauble wreaths

4/21 :Bauble wreaths

Speaking of wreaths, white baubles and pearls give a shabby chic feel.

5 /21: Sparkling tree branches

5/21 :Sparkling tree branches

DIY glittery tree branches have a Winter Wonderland effect indoors.

6 /21: Get glam

6/21 :Get glam

Add Frontgate's crystal ice ornaments to glam up your decor or come up with your own collection using craft store finds.

7 /21: Mason jars with floating candles

7/21 :Mason jars with floating candles

These floating candle holders by StoneGable are gorgeous, and they take less than 15 minutes to make.

8 /21: Bottle brush trees

8/21 :Bottle brush trees

Tiny bottle brush trees are an easy way to give your display a mid-century feel.

9 /21: Create a grand entrance

Image: Getty Images

9/21 :Create a grand entrance

Use garland, ribbon and white lights to create a dramatic holiday entryway to your home.

10 /21: Candy cane bedding

10/21 :Candy cane bedding

White bedding with a simple red and white striped detail adds some subtle holiday spirit to your bedroom.

11 /21: A shimmery silver and white aesthetic

11/21 :A shimmery silver and white aesthetic

An all-silver-and-white aesthetic is reminiscent of fresh snow, and it totally brightens up your home in the winter.

12 /21: Cake stand centerpiece

12/21 :Cake stand centerpiece

All you need is a cake stand, some candles and a bit of garland to pull off this pretty decoration.

13 /21: Go minimal

13/21 :Go minimal

Sometimes less really is more. A simple strand of garland and a small tree is clean and chic.

14 /21: Gingerbread man garland

14/21 :Gingerbread man garland

These adorable little gingerbread men can be strung up on the front door or on a staircase.

15 /21: Rustic wooden planter centerpiece

15/21 :Rustic wooden planter centerpiece

A rustic planter that runs the length of your table is super-versatile and can even be used year-round.

16/21 :Gold stars

Gold stars aren't just for apt pupils — they're perfect holiday decor too.

17 /21: Pine cone with a bow

17/21 :Pine cone with a bow

It's a simple decoration that screams "Christmas."

18 /21: Laser-cut snowflake ornaments

Image: Papertreeoxon/Instagram

18/21 :Laser-cut snowflake ornaments

The exquisite detail of these wooden snowflakes is gorgeous. (Etsy, $20)

19 /21: Light up your pine cones

19/21 :Light up your pine cones

A simple strand of lights makes a basket of pine cones glow from within.

20/21 :Baubles in a jar

Classic bauble ornaments look amazing when placed in a fancy glass jar for display.

21 /21: 20 creative Christmas decorating ideas

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21/21 :20 creative Christmas decorating ideas