18 Homemade Thanksgiving Table Ideas That Even the DIY-Challenged Can Manage

by Nadine Avola
Oct 30, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. ET
18 Homemade Thanksgiving Table Ideas That Even the DIY-Challenged Can Manage
Image: TheSaltyPeanut/Getty Images

There's definitely a time and a place for store-bought table decor. You bet your bottom dollar that we're gonna use cute red and white checkered table cloths on 4th of July and Whitney Port's adorable paper plates for Easter brunch — but for Thanksgiving, carefully curated, homemade tablescapes are totally in order.

We know what you are thinking. Thanksgiving is already hectic enough with the 1.2 million main courses and side dishes we're expected to cook gourmet-style when we're hosting the holiday. Now we have to make our decorations, too? Sounds like a lot to pull off, but we promise with some easy DIY inspiration, you can do it. Of course, you can also enlist the help of friends and family who are attending your feast, because DIY projects are just more fun when you have someone to do them with. 

They're super easy, but these Thanksgiving tablescapes are so gorgeous, your guests won't even know they're DIY.

Originally published November 2015. Updated October 2017.

1 /16: Green and copper

1/16 :Green and copper

2 /16: Go for the gourd

2/16 :Go for the gourd

Decorating with pumpkins and gourds will add touches of fall in no time.

3 /16: Quirky collections

3/16 :Quirky collections

Owls, wishbones, crosswords and leather-bound books... what could be more fun than that?

4 /16: Beautiful brunch

4/16 :Beautiful brunch

You can make brunch just as festive with rich fall colors.

5 /16: Silver, meet Gold

5/16 :Silver, meet Gold

Mix metallics like silver, copper, gold or brass for a cool, clean vibe.

6 /16: Fresh and bright

6/16 :Fresh and bright

By keeping all the dishware neutral, your centerpiece will surely pop.

7 /16: Give thanks

7/16 :Give thanks

Add something fun to each place setting for a new tradition.

8 /16: Keep it classy

8/16 :Keep it classy

Your table can be very organized too — don't feel that you have to have the "messy" look...

9 /16: Calming candlelight

9/16 :Calming candlelight

... Or, feel free to let the pieces fall where they may.

10/16 :Garden decor

Decor doesn't have to cost a lot either, see what you can bring to the table from your garden.

11 /16: Fall feathers

11/16 :Fall feathers

Adding touches of seasonal items, like these pheasant feathers, really bring the whole look together.

12 /16: Wintery air

12/16 :Wintery air

Give your guests a hint of the holidays ahead at your Thanksgiving table.

13 /16: Simple harvest

13/16 :Simple harvest

You'll be surprised how just a few items, like this garland and cheese plate, can really fill up the table.

14 /16: Fall fruit

14/16 :Fall fruit

Keep it simple. These fall pears at each place setting complete the look without adding too much.

15 /16: Soft and natural

15/16 :Soft and natural

16 /16: Wood placemats

16/16 :Wood placemats

Using slices of wood as placemats give the table a unique rustic charm.