Tour this old chapel that is now a beautiful home

by Chelsea Frisbie
Apr 10, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. ET
At first glance, this property looks like a very well-kept Mennonite church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. And although that was once correct, in 2002 the 1876 Peace Chapel was transformed into a unique home for Tom Sangrey and his soon-to-be wife Carolyn.

1 /13: Keeping it original

1/13 :Keeping it original

This home, the second unconventional home for Sangrey, still maintains the original stained glass above the front door, reading "Peace Chapel / Welcome." That sure outshines any greeting mats in front of their neighbors' homes.

2 /13: Peek inside

2/13 :Peek inside

While the outside still looks like the original Peace Chapel structure, the interior has been gently yet greatly modified to accommodate the modern style of this lucky Pennsylvania couple.

3 /13: Modern kitchen

3/13 :Modern kitchen

The kitchen is incredible, displaying modern, sleek appliances and Italian kitchen cabinets. Definitely a kitchen a choir should sing about.

4 /13: Dining in

4/13 :Dining in

The dining room, which can seat six, is a great place to host a family gathering.

5 /13: The game room

5/13 :The game room

This home, which has 3,085 square feet, pairs modern amenities with existing features of the structure. We love how they grouped these pews with a pool table.

6 /13: Open space

6/13 :Open space

Since Sangrey attended Sunday School in the church back when he was younger, he kept many of the structure's original features intact.

7 /13: A lofty bedroom

7/13 :A lofty bedroom

The choir loft was transformed into the Sangreys' bedroom. It now has a queen-size bed, gorgeous stained-glass windows and floor-to-ceiling curtains.

8 /13: Natural light

8/13 :Natural light

The stained-glass windows that are the property’s main focal point were installed by the church’s congregation in 1923.

9 /13: Split-level windows

9/13 :Split-level windows

The upstairs extension was designed to leave the stained-glass windows protected. You can see this in the master bathroom, where only half of the window remains visible.

10 /13: Home for a family

10/13 :Home for a family

This home, featuring three bedrooms and two bathrooms, is a great size in which to build a family.

11 /13: Guests at the chapel

11/13 :Guests at the chapel

This third bedroom gives the family extra space. And a great place for the in-laws to stay when they're in town.

12 /13: Laundry room

12/13 :Laundry room

Although space was tight, the Sangrey family used smart planning to squeeze in a laundry room.

13 /13: A place to relax

13/13 :A place to relax

From the wraparound second story, you can appreciate the full scope of this structure's amazing transformation. Look down for a bird's-eye view of the space below, or just relax in the colored light from the stained-glass windows.