Bathroom accents in the hottest summer hues

by SheKnows
Jul 1, 2013 at 4:06 a.m. ET
The brightness of the sea green color on the wall isn't too much color, and it still gives a soft feel to the bathroom.

1 /10: Soft green bathroom accent

1/10 :Soft green bathroom accent

Unlikely bathroom pieces like armoires add quirk to your space with colors that pop. Utilize the extra space to stock extra rolls of your favorite Charmin toilet paper.

2 /10: Pink decor bathroom

2/10 :Pink decor bathroom

This bathroom gives a soft feel with the pink decor and accents, and the pink also helps make the bathroom pop more.

3 /10: Light green bathroom decor

3/10 :Light green bathroom decor

The light green accents in this bathroom are just enough to make this bathroom have a unique feel and beautiful look.

4 /10: Pink and ivory bathroom decor

4/10 :Pink and ivory bathroom decor

Pink and ivory blend so well together in this bathroom. The pink is only just a small touch, but it makes for such a comfy feel.

5 /10: Yellow and gray bathroom decor

5/10 :Yellow and gray bathroom decor

The soft yellow and gray is just the perfect combo to make this bathroom beautiful.

6 /10: Light blue bathroom decor

6/10 :Light blue bathroom decor

The light blue paint on the walls and the white accents around the bathroom make this bathroom relaxing.

7 /10: Gray bathroom

7/10 :Gray bathroom

The soft gray paint on the walls helps give this bathroom a distinct look, and you can pull any type of color along with it.

8 /10: Soft yellow bathroom decor

8/10 :Soft yellow bathroom decor

Even though this whole bathroom is completely yellow, it isn't too much because of the softness of the yellow.

9 /10: Light blue bathroom decor

9/10 :Light blue bathroom decor

The light blue paint in this bathroom makes the bathroom more unique, and the small accents of yellow help bring it all together.

10 /10: Purple shades bathroom decor

10/10 :Purple shades bathroom decor

The purple shades around this bathroom make it relaxing and give a warm feel.