Cover up with the perfect summer bedding

by SheKnows
Jul 1, 2013 at 4:00 a.m. ET
Fresh floral bedding just in time for summer.

1 /15: Soothing and chic

1/15 :Soothing and chic

We love this soothing and chic gray and white bedding which brings a true feminine feel to the room.

2 /15: Modest and modern

2/15 :Modest and modern

Modest and modern, this coral ensemble is the perfect pop of color for a fresh summertime look. (Layla Grayce, $439)

3 /15: Simple and sweet

3/15 :Simple and sweet

We love this simple all-white bedding with two cream colored shams for summer time.

4 /15: Modern gold

4/15 :Modern gold

This modern-style bedding and gold shag blanket makes us want to grab a book and jump in bed.

5 /15: Southern charm

5/15 :Southern charm

This gorgeous and soft ivory linen set is perfect for a true Southern belle.

6 /15: Soft beige

6/15 :Soft beige

These romantic and soft beige linens will spruce up any master bedroom.

7 /15: Ivory and rose

7/15 :Ivory and rose

Charming ivory and rose bedding designed for a true princess.

8 /15: Cool and cozy

8/15 :Cool and cozy

The casual, yet sophisticated, ruched comforter and sham are cool and cozy. (Kohl's, $320)

9/15 :Frilly white

This frilly white bedding is the ultimate girly girl's dream.

10 /15: Touch of romance

10/15 :Touch of romance

This gorgeous ivory bedding screams classic royalty with a touch of romance.

11 /15: His & hers

11/15 :His & hers

How chic are these his-and-hers pillows? (Ethan Allen, $200)

12 /15: Ivory and honey paisley

12/15 :Ivory and honey paisley

This ivory and honey paisley pattern is delicate and timeless. (Pottery Barn, $170)

13 /15: Contemporary and cozy

13/15 :Contemporary and cozy

This contemporary bedding brings the ultimate cozy atmosphere with a sense of chic. (Zulily, $130)

14 /15: Unique and distinctive

14/15 :Unique and distinctive

Unique and distinctive linens by Lili Alessandra. (Layla Grayce, $564)

15 /15: Chic chandelier

15/15 :Chic chandelier

Nothing is cozier than all-white bedding under a chic chandelier.