Soft summer touches for your windows

by SheKnows
Jul 1, 2013 at 4:00 a.m. ET
Add some girly fun to your windows with these soft layers of ruffles.

1 /9: Ombre all over

1/9 :Ombre all over

Embrace the ombre in a softer way with these linen-and-cotton blend curtains. (Target, $30)

2 /9: Classy embroidery

2/9 :Classy embroidery

These traditional drapes are anything but plain! (Pottery Barn, $160)

3 /9: Warm stripes

3/9 :Warm stripes

Have some fun with these playful stripes. (World Market, $43)

4 /9: Climbing vines

4/9 :Climbing vines

Add some easy color to your living room with these classic, flowering drapes. (Target, $30)

5 /9: Bold blues

5/9 :Bold blues

Play with your room's dimensions with these silk drapes. (Pottery Barn, $300)

6 /9: Relaxing vanilla

6/9 :Relaxing vanilla

These vanilla curtains are sure to add a warm, old-fashioned glow to any room. (Soft Surroundings, $99)

7 /9: Delicate knits

7/9 :Delicate knits

Filter sunlight in pretty patterns with this knitted curtain.

8/9 :Hippie vibes

Soften up a harsh window frame with this fun, beaded curtain.

9 /9: A pop of color

9/9 :A pop of color

Brighten up a nursery with fun, colored drapes.