16 summer centerpiece ideas for your table

by SheKnows
Jul 1, 2013 at 4:00 a.m. ET
Bring the outdoors to your table with a refreshing arrangement of wild greens and earthy flowers.

1 /15: Soft lilacs in jars

1/15 :Soft lilacs in jars

Bunch pretty lilacs together in jars for a comfy, rustic piece.

2/15 :Pompom flowers

Yarn pompoms add a soft and colorful touch to any room.

3/15 :Easy greens

Use a classic glass jar and a playful mix of graceful greens to soften the look of your table.

4 /15: Add asparagus

4/15 :Add asparagus

Wrap a classic bunch of flowers in raw asparagus for a different take on a bouquet.

5 /15: Calming bamboo

5/15 :Calming bamboo

These bamboo pieces are both beautiful and easy to maintain.

6 /15: Lanterns and greens

6/15 :Lanterns and greens

Sprinkle some greenery around a small lantern, and then enjoy the glow of little tea lights.

7 /15: Barking up the right tree

7/15 :Barking up the right tree

Moss, ferns and birch branches bring the forest to the table with calming greens and neutral colors.

8/15 :Hay-wrapped bunches

Gather some of your favorite flowers and wrap the bouquet in straw for a rustic finish.

9 /15: Simple succulents

9/15 :Simple succulents

Plant a few succulents in a teapot or mug for a playful centerpiece.

10 /15: Classy and fruity

10/15 :Classy and fruity

Spruce up a pretty bowl with bright flowers and pretty pears.

11 /15: Snazzy wheatgrass

11/15 :Snazzy wheatgrass

Fancy up a pot of plastic wheatgrass by covering it with a glass cloche.

12 /15: Periwinkle perfection

12/15 :Periwinkle perfection

Gather periwinkle blooms and soft greenery for a pretty centerpiece.

13 /15: Peaches and petals

13/15 :Peaches and petals

Soft peaches and flower petals tastefully adorn the table.

14 /15: Angelically smooth

14/15 :Angelically smooth

Baby's breath and smooth river stones look heavenly together.

15 /15: Fluffy ferns

15/15 :Fluffy ferns

Moss and a variety of ferns add a touch of Mother Nature to the table.